saturday 21/03/2009


I'm, basically, an ELO player
I've been playing urban rivals for almost a year, and I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.

Please see the description to see what the guild is about

Open to all!

JOIN MY GUILD...ITS FRENSH.....but i dont speak it

Hay we are accepting you

But the best way is to get some credits

smiley we ar recruiting people into our guide its mostly for people of pacific heritage eg new zealanders, austrailians , islanders but if your from anywhere else its fine too come join our guild we need more friends


Only ELO guild! Must have average of 1150+ per week!
Weekly giveaways to 2 top ELO players (random cards)
also must be active to get card.. (guild board active)
and WE HAVE FUN! EVENTS ALSO!!! try it out!

friday 20/03/2009

Oops i forgot we also have an elo strategy guide nowadays

Anyone is Welcome Come sign up

Hi ive just started a new guild and i need some players!
pm if you want to join!

Over 18 lvl for admission

This a Great friendly clan open to all with the best benefits! We also are about to open our own site!

Join Uchiha clan open to all players

I love anime put i have great guild here sry .

here is your guild link smiley :

Anime Lovers

Please close, not to offend anybody but close this one or the other ones.

Please close this one or the other one.

Please close, guild was destroyed.......can you tell I'm bored?

......found another thread, please close

Mods please close.

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