thursday 26/03/2009

Gain one more level and join Urban Madness

Ok join the lucky shadows were not a huge guild but we do alot of fun stuff

Try the acdemy it is a great way to level up and then move onto a powerful guild.

Please closesmiley

Good job cat.

takeing care of your kittens

wednesday 25/03/2009

Found a guild, you may close this subject

Join The M.O.B

Still recruiting members and admin positions to aid in the growth of the Order of the Avid Philosopher.

I a chess man i am looking for a good, strong guild

tuesday 24/03/2009

We really need a guy higher then level 40 for some guild event. we had someone, but they flaked on use 2 hours later, his friend just made a guild. please grace us with your presence

we are currently looking for the admins to the guild and we got 2 spots left open with no aplicants, you'd be perfect for one of them.
the link is here

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I may see you in the near future i may not thks.
Admin please close.

Close this subject then, no ones gonna msg anyway.smiley

Sorry we try to keep our guild with the required stats, need at least one more person before we can get our guild up and running.

Join €€ No Woman No Fry €€
We are a competitive guild, whose main focus in ELO.
The benefits you get are a large group of active members who will help out with any problems you might have, weekly ELO prizes, inter guild competitions, competent admins etc etc.
Min.requirement is lvl 30.
We are also allied with the Urban Madness and Immortal guilds, so guild hopping between guids is actively encouraged. smiley

You have spelt executioner wrong... doesnt look good at all no offence

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