wednesday 11/03/2009

Hey. Please join. You must be 20 or higher to join.

Here is the site :

Thank You!

You're perfect for my guild!

SB is recruiting ! smiley

We search people the level 20 have reached.
Of course,you can come also with a higher level
.We offer you:
Nice people
A Cardmarket
An English forum
And a LOT of fun
I hope you will appear numerously


Here is our Link:

Benvenuti pure italiani

Looking for latin people to join my GUILD.. buscendo a jente latina para que se unan a mi GUILD

Looking for a guild to join? The Death Dealers was created especially for newcomers (levels 5 to 10) who are looking for a guild dedicated to helping its members in any way possible and becoming stronger fighters. What you can expect once you join the guild: guild battles, constructive criticism if you're looking for it, info exchange, trading and selling among guild members, strategy discussions, and more. So if you're anywhere between levels 5 and 10 (some exceptions might be made for slightly higher levels), join The Death Dealers and become part of the best guild ever to hit Clint City.

Hmmm... Wow, if your so awesome, why are you guild-less sir?

Play_to_Win is a mover from guild to guild . smiley

tuesday 10/03/2009

Still Lookin For Members and Admins

Http:// smiley

Just here to be one of the best and to have fun. Take anybody of any flag and any level. To find a place where they they belong.

Lower level will be taken under the wing of the guild.smiley smiley

He has joined
working class heroes

The M.O.B now has a Godfather!!

Join This Guild Very Fun and Helpful Guildsmiley
They Are Very Active and Very Helpful They Know Tons Of Stuffsmiley
So Join This Guild I Would But I Have My Own Guild Lol

we are new
we have fun
we are strange (in a good way)
we are awesome
we help others
we are recruiting you

monday 09/03/2009

The people in this guild are great to talk to and are lots of fun. If your interested in learning as well as getting and giving help while getting to actually know some people, then you'll love being part of this guild.

Hopefully be lv20+ by end of today

Uk player lookin for english speaking guild


You closed this because the founder had destoryed this guild.

We are friends with the FCC

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