tuesday 24/02/2009

Hi guys, if you are a WWE fan and would like to join my guild please go to


Only if you like WWE smiley
Thank you and I hope to see you join smiley

Try out the guild Darkness Realm as it is a fun and friendly enviroment
we offer budget cards and we help our members as much as possible.

if you do not want a fun and active guild then DO NOT JOIN

hope to see you there

Ill join i guess but how will a clan bennifit me (or hopefully not but hurt me)
lvl 17 w pretty good elo deck

I you love the jungo this guild is for you sing up here http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=464435

monday 23/02/2009

It's a great guild... smiley

Say your thoughts too!

Sub-zer, please add a link to your guild smiley

Lightflareon, please add a link to your guild smiley

Jerichoholic, you are not a member of any guild. Please create a guild first smiley

Saexte, please add a link to your guild smiley

Laserboy, you are not a member of any guild. Please create a guild first smiley

Yeah, I just need to get some members in and then I'll be able to start the process of forming it the way I want it to be. As well as learning how to do the Guild link in its name.

If it's the League of Legends, shouldn't being a legend be one of the requirements? . . .
Just a thought.

(part 1smiley

“Aye, I have seen many pale ladies in here,” muttered Sargh, a still weary tone in his voice.
Estalt gazed in bafflement at the old man’s answer but his snobbery was not lost as he sniffed at the indiscretion of the old man in a grave. It seemed somewhat…perturbing. But, his inner demon thought nothing of it and it was better to not question the old man’s intentions.
“She may have been wearing a striking dress also,” said Estalt in a half-humourless tone of voice.
“I see many ladies in flashy dresses too,” muttered back Sargh, feeling the impudent young man was getting in the way of his work.
Estalt briefly raised his eyebrows in surprise, misinterpreting the old man’s words. But he was not here to brag about his conquests…as much as he wanted to. Estalt had a purpose, to find and have sex with Elixir.
“This lady I seek, she is alive,” murmured Estalt, his voice with a tinge or irony in it.
“All ladies here are dead…or meant to be,” responded back Sargh, muttering the last part to himself. “Sorry you have wasted your time and mine.”
Sargh did not feel sorry at all. He just wanted to get back to work. The young man had already wasted enough of Sargh’s task at hand and the sooner he cleared off the better!

(to be continued...)

sunday 22/02/2009


Hi, are u looking for a good guild? join anime lovers! we are a fun, nice guild, that will accept any lvl, we are going to start tourneys for prizes as soon as we get 5 more people. we have our own guild market, and we are fun, funny, nice, and cool people! here is our link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=439328 we hope to see u there!

Senses Lost is a new, active guild which would appreciate your company! smiley Everyone is friendly and hopefully it will grow into something great.


I agree, join and it will be worth your wile reap all the benifets of being apart of heavens assassins im not gonna beg you to join but please do consider know or keep us in mind when you go too choose a guild thanks for your time.

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