thursday 29/01/2009

A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N for anyone that's interested...just helping

I'm looking for a fun guild that will accept a level 5

Hi ! Join Fair Tigers ..

The funnest guild ever. We'll make tournaments, put a market in subjects ,help you achieve the top and more.

Find out by joining the guild.
Lvl 17+ accept
Active players are welcome.

If you like any of these clans then feel free to join my guild.
The clans are: pussycats, jungo, piranas, gheist, la junta, all stars and rescue.

Here is the URL to the guild:

wednesday 28/01/2009

No just new to this game, been a fan of TTGL since it came out and with all the Bleach/Naruto/Final Fantasy guild names ive seen around thought this might be a bit different as there was only 1 other TTGL named guild i saw when i did a search

Shame i didnt see this before you found a guild would have been nice to see you in The Drifters 4th in Uk

My guild Gurren Brigade is just getting started and can use as many members as possible, looking to become a big guild as soon as we can

Oh yah thaks sorry ive been busy lately missin lots of stuff....

Come join make us the top in the uk

Yeah, um, cool then

tuesday 27/01/2009

Come on guyz! Apply and find out what the best fun guild in the city holds fo you!

A recently formed guild for players who have, or are building, a la Junta-deck. Join the cause!

I made a dream, yes a dreamsmiley the biggest guild mafiasmiley to the world which would steer since city clint. But dreams sometimes can become to re-confine to bed... Good luck in your collection my friend. smiley

didnt know how that was done

We have a active message board too.

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