tuesday 27/01/2009

We have a active message board too.

monday 26/01/2009

Oh yea and i usualy get about. 1200+ elo each week

Hello, the requirements are as follows:
1. You must be level 15 or above.
2. You must be at least a semi active member of Urban Rivals (meaning at least loggin on to doing something related with the game at least once every 2 months).
3. You do not have to respond all the time to the private guild forum but must at least keep up to date with it.
4. Last but not least you must speak english.

Shinigami Legends Guild Link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=408275

P.S. - (I know most people know this but just stating) Once you go to the guild link you have to click join guild just to let anyone know that doesn't. The founder or admin will decide whether or not your accepted.

Join guild:407038

We have tourneys,(Destructive Nature Event and Destructive Nature Event!) help players and are really nice

sunday 25/01/2009

Join my guild
masterful assassins

He is an awesome firend to have and a great leader

Close this please mods, we'd like to make a new one smiley

JOin Join! Pretty Plz :]

Join the power flames plz

For World War 3
add me if u want on my team

saturday 24/01/2009

Join forever forgotten

we are ranked 78 in the american guilds

Evo-runners are looking for new recruits you may be among the new ranks in the establishment. We offer the chance for anyone to be part of the guild to join and feel accepted into a group. Anyway we are sort of lacking in numbers so if you would like to join follow this link to the guild page.


Sincerely Legion0Runner

Join Moon Tree! We have our own website!

http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=391958 or Moon Tree

Join guild:397251

friday 23/01/2009

This is old but u could close this or delete this.

I'm level 11, with an all gheist deck, and one timber, I'm also willing to join.^ ^

Join guild:397251

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