wednesday 21/01/2009

We are still looking for anybody looking to join a guild

This guild is one of tghe best and im syre it wont be long until they are recognised through the whole of UR

take a look!

Join england forever it isn't too great now, BUT soon it could be the top guild with the help of some new recruits (high leveld and active)


Please dont contact me privately. until i get my account sorted out k people any questions i will give you the best aswer i can.

I have sand masage plz lat my in your guild and i dont spik good english

tuesday 20/01/2009

Hello hope you have fun and enjoy the game.

smileyHey im looking for some people that have a American flag to join The American People!!!!smiley
You must be a least level 8 to join!!!!smiley

Heres the link:


Cmon guys no1 is joining
the Aussies

Join come on people

monday 19/01/2009

RAving rabbids is a fun guild,free card if you join and stay for at least a week.

must be at least lvl 15 and up
must be active
must post on message boards once in a while
Everyone gets a rank!!
super rabbid
special agent rabbid
awesome rabbid
grunt rabbid
and more
join us!!!
we currently have 10 members
guild link:

Yeah aces of heartz


Join The American Peoplesmiley

Thanks! smiley

sunday 18/01/2009

Shinigami Legends guild link:

Thanks, Brook. 20 and i also live in los angeles.smiley Im also looking to make new friends. I was wondering if we could be friends and help each other out.smiley

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