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friday 23/01/2009

Working Class Heroes....normal guys and gals...just chillin...none of this "I"m the best in the world and kicking everybody else's @ss" sort of attitude...help each other out any which way we can...a band of brothers....

We accepted players portugueses, brazilians, spanishs and englishs, or who speak one of these language.



Hi i am the admin for the guild and i am posting this to try and expand our ranks.

if you are British we will accept you no matter what level you are.

So ifyou want to have some fun and be part of our guild then apply we will be happy to have you.

Great British Warriors http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=423178

It's also a great way to abide by administrator authority

Come join now
All Anime Lovers should join!

thursday 22/01/2009

Dirty dozen

wednesday 21/01/2009

Warning: Sad ending...

(part 3...FINAL PART!)

There was a fire! The maid left the stove aflame and it got out of control in the kitchen, travelling across to the Living Room and near Benjamin's wall. The fire licked the sides of the wall and erupted, as Benjamin's home was suddenly alight with fire and smoke.
Benjamin was still sleeping until he noticed his fur was on fire, as was his straw bed! Opening his bright blue eyes, Benjamin wheezed as the smoke got caught in his tiny lungs, his fur still aflame. Benjamin didn't stand a chance. The smoke and fire was too plentiful and as he died, Benjamin closed his eyes one last time.
The family got out all right. The fire department came and put out the fire. One of the men held Benjamin's body, the tail burnt and his white fur now charred black. The two children of the family decided to bury the body in the backyard. They did so, holding a funeral of their own for the mouse they never knew.
Eventually, the family moved away, taking Charlie with them. The only sign that a mouse was there was a white flower slightly drooping above his grave. And that is the story of a white mouse with blue eyes called Benjamin.

The End.

We are still looking for anybody looking to join a guild

This guild is one of tghe best and im syre it wont be long until they are recognised through the whole of UR


take a look!

Join england forever it isn't too great now, BUT soon it could be the top guild with the help of some new recruits (high leveld and active)


Please dont contact me privately. until i get my account sorted out k people any questions i will give you the best aswer i can.

I have sand masage plz lat my in your guild and i dont spik good english

tuesday 20/01/2009

Hello hope you have fun and enjoy the game.

smileyHey im looking for some people that have a American flag to join The American People!!!!smiley
You must be a least level 8 to join!!!!smiley

Heres the link:


Cmon guys no1 is joining
the Aussies

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