sunday 28/12/2008

I found one please close

Zerodead Force Is a guild with a firm foundation in it's well set out Message Board and well ratio'd leaders:members.
Currently A Lvl. 1 Kolos Is up for graps as part of their annual Joke contest.
Disregard The admittance Lvl. specification of above 20. At the moment we are looking to recreate a solid member base and work with our fellow Rivallers to achieve our goals.
Take it from a Tourer;
Zerodead Force is definately worth Stopping by.

Lol star wars 501st legion on battle front 2 nice

saturday 27/12/2008

Guild has been deleted smileysmileysmiley

Hi, i sent you a pm before. Check out Elite Army

Pplz coem here if ur lvl 26+ cuz our guild is very good now

smiley weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this guild is awe

Sounds good smiley hope u get enough members

You better get him while you still can this player is more than you look. He used to be a mod.

Ill join




thursday 25/12/2008

A guild for anybody who wants to have a good time while getting better at the game. We will have a market with discounts, and weekly prizes and tournaments. Anybody who is currently 30+ gets adminship. It is currently level 10+, but wil not stay this way forever. Make use of this opportunity! Join guild:409570

From beginners up.
this guild will take all, for a limited time.
the intention is to play, have fun, and not care about overall position.
the theme is alice in wonderland characters ( or whatever you want )
join now, at the beginning ,and help us grow.


Yin and Yang is one of the fastest growing new fun guilds out there. We are only a few days old and already have 27 members (probably more when you read this) and have started our own guild card shop to sell cards exclusively to guild members at a reduced rate. Members of all levels who want to have fun (and are english speaking) are welcome to join with no questions asked!

We are also looking for someone who is close to or about level 40 so we can begin holding weekly guild events with prizes for our members. Anyone who is interested in filling this position will be allowed to keep 15% of the total jackpot for merely holding the event.

If you are interested please check us out here:
Thank you for your time.

Founder of Yin and Yang

Elite Battlegrounds are looking for new Recruits be that they are new on here or have been around for sometime.

Elite Battlegrounds is where you will be able to Battle against many foes, but why do it by yourself.
Elite Battlegrounds is also here so that even if we have faced someone (be it if you won or lost), you might be able to befriend them, and maybe help each other out.

The only rules that are currently standing at the moment would be
1. Be respectful to others
2. Try and not over use bad language
3. Please respect the founders decisions

Hope to hear from you soon and happy battling smiley

wednesday 24/12/2008

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