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tuesday 13/01/2009

Guild:408275 a pretty fun guild.

But the guild isn't running up yet.

Please Put something like

[RECR] Great British Warriors

If not some wont know what this is... At Least Put [RECR] in it

monday 12/01/2009

sunday 11/01/2009

Check out Elite Army, we are soon changing to having members who level 15 + so join quickly smiley
We have over 40 members and we are very active on the game and forums!


Please lock this topic, i have made a new one smiley

Thanks for the link MoB_HoRNeTz

Legends Of The World

hot 100 messages

WarLords needs some new and active members.. Accepting now in any nationality.. Only Lvl 35 above.. if interested, just click the link below..


Sure i'll join

I just made one too

saturday 10/01/2009

Random 4ever
banana apple pie squared

Help low lvls very fun and active guild so if u join this guild we will become number 1 in USA smiley

So erm, now that the dust is settled, i guess this thread can be closed...smiley

@ General: Try too include why JSA is a good Guild. Then Maybe More players will join smiley

friday 09/01/2009

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