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monday 29/12/2008

Please Close Or Delete This Topic. I have create a new one!

Check the pm i sent you smiley

Check Out Elite Army, we are soon starting tounuments, but currently have a couple of lottos going on. We also sell and trade cards under market price!


Check out Elite Army, we have tournaments, give-aways and many lottos!. Many of us are low, but soon hopefully we can recruit some higher leveled players!.


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Arore Kriminal Rulesmiley

sunday 28/12/2008

Looking for an active level 40+ to host tournaments in my guild Zerodead Force. If interested please post.

I found one please close

Zerodead Force Is a guild with a firm foundation in it's well set out Message Board and well ratio'd leaders:members.
Currently A Lvl. 1 Kolos Is up for graps as part of their annual Joke contest.
Disregard The admittance Lvl. specification of above 20. At the moment we are looking to recreate a solid member base and work with our fellow Rivallers to achieve our goals.
Take it from a Tourer;
Zerodead Force is definately worth Stopping by.

Lol star wars 501st legion on battle front 2 nice

saturday 27/12/2008

Guild has been deleted smileysmileysmiley

Hi, i sent you a pm before. Check out Elite Army


Pplz coem here if ur lvl 26+ cuz our guild is very good now

smiley weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this guild is awe

Sounds good smiley hope u get enough members

You better get him while you still can this player is more than you look. He used to be a mod.

Ill join




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