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friday 05/12/2008

We are people who like the game and want to build up a team of good players, you'll like it here


Can any1 join the guild even though you are weak or strong
Here's the link:

Join us, we are the uprising.

Join guild:391458, because it's just plain awesome. smiley

thursday 04/12/2008

Delete this

wednesday 03/12/2008

Well when your level 40 you can join guild:269835 and come on people we are a high ranking guild and want you to join.

Moderators please close this.
M.O.B is a great guild!!!smileysmileysmiley

AsianBranch aka academy of BlackOrder
all levels welcome (we dont really recommend lvl 21s though, cuz u can join the main guild, BlackOrder)
lvl 21s can be admin though. everyone is welcome so please join xD
there is literally nothing in it, just some old sloppy and lazy ppl and a half-dead message board but hey, this is a slacking guild... please join ty!!~~!!

We are a friendly guild that is open to all nations...
Our goal is to be the No.1 guild...
There are only two guilds in Urban Rivals...
1.Fou Tang Ng Yan
Better go with a name... smiley

Fou Tang Ng Yan

Hey pow-hitman, are you interested in joining my guild urban champz. We are a new guild and we are recruiting. Thank you

tuesday 02/12/2008

Fyling v mob, i didnt get your application?


I figured that you could use a link smiley

Whooshers United

An excellent guild with friendly admins - the kind of guild where everyone can fit in from the competitive to the casual smiley

monday 01/12/2008

Your almost there just about 2 hours of playing and youll be there

Do you want to improve your tactics. Do you want to be a powerful fighter. Join us and improve your tactics. There is only one requirement that is you are at least level 20.
link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=389210

Welcometohell, looks like you got yourself a rivalsmileysmiley

Its Awesome Guild!!I luv it!!!

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