tuesday 28/10/2008

Join upper clas if your active.

I signed up wheres my love?

Level 25 people plus we are number 11 in the whole united states.

Well thaxz 2 everyone that offerd me a spot in their guild but now im offering a spot in my itz called blue flames

monday 27/10/2008

Please close he is in Anglez Of Doom


new guild
needs members

I am looking for a guild that can take me to the next level in ELO

sunday 26/10/2008

Or you can also join The dragonic warriors

Yo! My new guild Supreme Court recruits members. You are at least level 10 and wanna join a guild to have fun and win cards? Then join in man!

Hey there Hellraizer1, the Guild I'm in is looking for some new blood. Check us out. The Guild is ?shadow_slayers? My name is Shadow Scythe. Drop me a line if you like what you see. Hope to hear from you soon.

Finally! We are on, with our guild Shadow of Eternity !

We're #1 in the U.S. right now but it won't hurt to have a few more good playerssmiley

saturday 25/10/2008

Welcome to "The Freaks Show"
All of the freaks user,collectors, or fan, come in and join now!

Here's The Link:

Were here for enjoyment and training....
Were Accept all levels 10+ / Min 4 Freaks Card

Thx for your cooperate to join!

we are a great guild that accept lvl 20+ or 25+
we offer a place for 20- its the legends academey
wen people get to lvl 25 in that guild they can join the-legends
link for academey http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=350934

friday 24/10/2008

Hey, Im the creator of the new guild, Dragnotic Madness, and its a beginner guild, open to all levels for the moment. The guild will allow you to grow with those around you, and give advice to people that have the same questions, and maybe some with skill will join and help those who need it. But I promise that it is worth it to check it out, and join.


I would but to many languages

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