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monday 03/11/2008

Oh can I join u got a level 21 and 29. I wanna be in a UK guide.

"Urban-Riders" is accepting new members" level 15 or higher and that are active. This is a fairly new guild who is looking for players with ideas and are eager to help build "Urban-Rider into a geat guild

Ill join if u want me

{Sorry to the Admin, I keep forgetting the Tags =/}

Hi, New Guild looking for New Memebers.

Name is deprived from the greatest military unit to exist. the 28th Maori Battalion who suffered more losses and saw more action than any fighting force to exist.

If you're looking for a guild to be in and look cool like everyone else, then try this one =].

Mostly English speakers plz, or if you would like to learn some English then we can help each other out.

Must be over Level 5, If you are under, you may message me and ill keep you in mind when you do reach level 5.

All the best to all the rest.

sunday 02/11/2008

Awsome you shpuld be accepted within the hour

mods lock please

My guild,which is new,needs members that are at least level 7.

The "WC" is no longer mandatory.
We are now (look at the time this was posted) 7th guild in USA.

We need good players; we need YOU. smiley

PS. You can click the word "West Coast" in the first post; it is a link to our guild. smiley

friday 31/10/2008

Join the wwe fan club and be a great wwe lover player
please join

Mods plz close...thanks

Close This Phonejacker Found A Guild smiley

thursday 30/10/2008

First the linksmiley http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=358209

we are a new german guild and searching for level 35+ player
at the moment we have only german player..but we want to create a global guild
our main language is english but you can create subjects in your home language
you can message me or asimega everytime if you have any questions

here we have halloween now..

i wish all of you a happy halloween

Join the ultimate band of seven where our decks are based on types you can use any type you would like except rescue. We are a guild that gives each other strategies and tips for your deck.For anymore info contact me and the clan page is this link


Thanks, but i joined AoD

Please close. Thanks in advance.

Found the best guild ever!smiley

Mods pls close

wednesday 29/10/2008

I am the new found leader of working class heroes, due to the sudden departure of our once much loved leader spinalcracker

we are a very active and freindly guild which strives on helping the players of UR to play to their full potential

we are currently alowing players from level 11 and up to join, no more requirements because we want to help everyone and give a fair and equal opportunity to everyone. i believe everyone is special

i have made a small lotto, which will take place every week

check us out: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=231959
remember there cant be an upperclass without a WORKING CLASS

You will have to click on the link I've posted in the first part and request to join smiley


tuesday 28/10/2008

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