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sunday 23/11/2008

Hey,i want to join...

saturday 22/11/2008

I don't doubt it
I was just wondering about the Kung Fu Grip
good luck

Good Guild

Lol! we are growing XD

friday 21/11/2008

Join us

No, I have not seen any people with UR shirts, but would like Zdrone on mine!
What, I would like to see from Urban rivals is interchangable artwork of your cards!
Being able to use any level artwork in battle would be really swell and bring a re-freshing look for any player.
Most artwork at final level is great but, not as good as some lower level work.smiley

Anyone higher then the creator of guild is admin hes currently lvl15 and i would pesonally make you madmin when you join.Also we talk about common topicz only 1 guild requirement be active once every month. also we give guild advice joke around and wont make fun of your hobbies

Angelz Of Doom Academy
look through academies is my advice
the one up there is mine

thursday 20/11/2008

Close please I found my padawan Simplek3v1nex

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Close please i found my padawan

So you're right.

1st: Lvl 63 - Alex9278_SE
2nd: Lvl 53 - Plue
3rd: Lvl. 49 - Headshot

1st: 100% - Headshot
2nd: 98% - Alex9278_SE
3rd: 54% - Slify

For the purpose of this event:
Padawan Tournament

I am in need to a padawan. Must be level 24 or below. Active. English speaking (because I won't understand if you are not able to speak English). Must be interested to join the Padawan Tournament.

For interested players, please contact me.

We have less than a week to arrange this so please act now.


Hi just wanna give you the opportunity to join a guild worth your while. The guild name is Orderly Chaos. We are a guild that's been here for a while. Our guild message forum is very active. We are currently looking for players with at least 5000 Bp and are active. Our guild was in the top ten, we wanna get it back there. If you think you wanna be apart of it I well we Orderly Chaos welcome you to join. http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=150498 (join our guild)


wednesday 19/11/2008

smiley "Urban-Riders" smiley

This guild is destroyed

The Angelz Of Doom Guild is Large and needed a new plan all new members under Level 25 will come here first then after level 25 may move on to Angelz Of doom 25 +

Nothing will change except we only take 25 and under any flag, must speak english

this guild is a place to learn to be a better player and a better team player

Join Today


That explains alot more about the sun.. I thought it ment they were CR but then vickie never got one!!

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