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tuesday 18/11/2008

Hi everyone if you are looking for a fun guild then click the link and if you are above my level you can be a moderator you can be any level to hjoin thanx

Hi join my guild if you do u can be an admin

Tulungan ko nga kayo. smiley Dapat yung kapatid ko yung gumagawa nito e.smiley

Kung naghahanap kayo ng kasiyahan,
Kung nais n'yo ang maraming kaibigan,
Sali na, 'di kailangang mag-unahan.
Philippine Legionnaires Guild, dapat salihan!

(Kay haba ng pangalan ng guild niyo, mga pare ko. Mahirap tuloy gawan ng tula.) smiley

Come on give us a shot.

Ty i used to be in your guild my name was demonguy133

monday 17/11/2008

This guild is called Jungle obviously. We want you to join! Also because we know that you are going to be very kind and nice and etc. But lets see the requirements: Must be active, A Master+, Nice, Willing to help people. That's all the requirements. See simple right? We also well make competitions.. giveaways. Are you up for the Jungle challenge?

Note: I am recruiting admins at the moment.

Join http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=377692 we rock

Hi everyone if anyone wants to join my guild click the link so we can all have some fun and an yone over my level will be an admin
clcik the link all levels welcome thanxsmiley

Player is currently in a new guild. Thread closed

sunday 16/11/2008

Hi anyone wanting to join a guild that they can have fun in and if you are above my level you can be an admin so click the link and join thanxsmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley


WARNING: This guild is apparantly mixing with organization XIII because of inactivity, but I guess the inactive players will remain.

Join the organization we hAVE A LOT OF ACTIVE MEMBERS

We are the soul society we are looking for devoted english speaking Bleach fans
We are very respectful people and we look out for each other
So if you like Bleach and making friends join us
at http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=373828

saturday 15/11/2008

Mods plz close

It's a fun guild, we talk about just about anything you like in the guild forums, there are many active people, various tournaments and contests


the roflknife needs moar blud moar blud plex

Hi everyone you can join my guild when you are on any level and if you are above my level you can be an admin so join so we can all have some fun thanxsmileysmiley


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