friday 10/10/2008


thursday 09/10/2008

New Guild looking for dedicated players that want to make it to the top. We have few members and are already in the top 10 for the U.S., just think of the possibilities with more active personnel.
Please don't waste your time and our time if your not a 40+ please don't bother applying.
Requirements: LEVEL 40+ and must play frequently

wednesday 08/10/2008

Hay all its a new guild
we could use some big players to help run this thing
or just some members to this guild
but i will accept all members level 15 and up
and you MUST be a active talker in the guild message bord
ty all

Urban madness you want friends we got 300 right here URBAN MADNESS

It really ends up being personal preference, and probably first experience. the first best card i had when i started was a sentinel, so sentinel has been my favorite clan for a while since, though it's not my only one (i've tried that, it doesn't work in anything but t2)

Believe I'll be staying in OC.

Mods please close smiley

i would like to join yur guild but i dont know how and i dont see the join guild buttonsmiley

tuesday 07/10/2008

Dude u have to accept them you dont send it

You guessed it new admin:

New Admin List:
NLDG-Sinner (Head Admin)
RShizz (Actual Founder)
NLDG-BenR2K8 (Admin)
Gothicicp (Admin)

I'll try to join to see if your guild is smiley

O dang, hadn't seen kingpin in a while, n this is why lol. well good luck with ur guild n ur guild's academy bro


nice to see u humbled urself to go to an academy n not send down one of ur guild's players smiley

Okay you said this is a great guild so why don't you join our guild? smiley

Ooops, I accidentally used my bro's profile. Anyways, that's my theory or explanation. Hehe.


monday 06/10/2008

Com eon some1 post.

sunday 05/10/2008

Join The Dark Carnival Guild Of Juggalos We are active

Mods can close this, I got in OC.

Thanks for all the offers.smileysmiley

Joined dcgoj, i try anywerre..... close.

Our guilds awesome. martierud just place 18th in the last. tourny

SA is closed and there are lots of great players looking to join a new guild..... So we are Opening the Casket for a limited time to all LVL 30+ players that were members of SA. Open Casket is waiting for you to apply smiley

Then please please join Fallen Legends please please please

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