saturday 04/10/2008

Join the orginization

Check us out and see if you are interested in joining The Revolutions: We are a small, active guild. We would appreciate your talent and skills.

-Death Striker

friday 03/10/2008

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Close please me an ma crew joined Angelz Of Doom it an ace guild why not join smiley

Close This Mods

You can join us at guild:274527

thursday 02/10/2008


What you get:*
- 1 Free Castle
- 1 Chest full of troy-ounce gold coins
- Lusty wenches of every ethnicity

* subject to availability (and I think we ran out yesterday)

(Bragging Rights ALWAYS FREE!!!)


Pls close

wednesday 01/10/2008

If you like talkative then what guild in the world is more talkative the us lol admins are getting sick of deleting 100 posts a day its hat talkative and we talk about random things click me URBAN MADNESS

Yes! mabuhay all pinoys! join NPA now and wage war against corruption!!! smiley

Okay. Someone could've warned me that HTML doesn't work here. smiley

Here's the link:

Close please

stop making new threads when we all ready got one

tuesday 30/09/2008

Click on my link and welcome to the clan Trentss.

anybody else? still need more players.

If your looking for a guild, why not this one? We accept everyone who's at least level 5. No matter who you are or where your from, you'll definetly be aloud in our guild.

Well you can join Invictus there not germans but they speak good englishsmiley

Can u plz close this i found a guild

The Revolutions would like to extend an invitation to any talented member who is looking to be a part of an active and strong guild. We are new and growing in numbers and strength. We have some new, talented players. Check us out:
-Death Striker
Founder and Administrator.

Myself and the admins will do are best to answer any questions anyone might have
plus we want to start doin tourneys soon so we can come up in the guild world

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