monday 08/09/2014

The Lost Odyssey are currently recruiting, we were only created a few days ago and already have 65+ members smileysmileysmiley
Basically we are recruiting anyone but the purpose of this thread is to hopefully get an active Admin for the guild who can sort out any problems or requests for members and to organise events.
. Recruiting anyone Level 5+
. Looking for an active Admin
The Lost Odyssey

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sunday 07/09/2014

thursday 04/09/2014

The perfect guild for people who want the benefits but not the stress of having to do a bunch of things. All levels 25+ open. Must be open to contact and must participate in guild events. Other than that, let's ball out. For more casual players.

wednesday 03/09/2014

You need to include a link and [recr] in name

tuesday 02/09/2014

Okay, I'll check it out! Thanks for the offer! smiley

sunday 31/08/2014

Proudly Present the new international Familia > guild:2017848

We are truly international, so our official Language in Forum and Chat is english.

✫✫ Our Idea ✫✫

~ Teamwork, Camaraderie and a familiar atmosphere
~ motivated members who are working for a faultless community
~ active community through forums and an extern chat


☛ Elo 1400 or
- Level 50 and Elo 1300 or
- Level 70
☛ active in Forum and Chat
☛ Respect and Fairplay
☛ You have to wear the "L4F" in your Name!

☑ If you meet our Requirements , just send a Request to one of our Admins and scribe a few Words about yourself smiley

We await welcoming you to our guild,
Greetings from the L4F - Team smiley

saturday 30/08/2014

Well, there will be a few rules for that project,
The Main rule will be: "you have to wear a L4F in your Name" like i do smiley
Second rule: you have to be active in Forum and Chat (the Chat Would be a extern one)

Since wednesday u have been in 3 guilds. CK,CB and symphony

friday 29/08/2014

@CHR0 smiley all of it are all visits smiley

thursday 28/08/2014

tuesday 26/08/2014

If you wanna join please do not hesitate.
smileypeople who join now will receive high ranks in this newly formed clan.smiley
guild web page:- guild:2017109
smiley Interested? Then Join!!! smiley

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If you wanna join myclan just ask

monday 25/08/2014

Guild:2016793 Join us!

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sunday 24/08/2014

Hi my name is Jordyn! I have been playing UR since 2009 and have recently became active again! I would like to be a part of a fun, active guild that doesnt really base the system around who is the best and who is not. I am 17 years old and level 24. Send me a link or name to to your guild and i will check it out!smiley

Looking to join a guild, English speaking. send an invite or a link to your guild page

saturday 23/08/2014

Here apply to join mine. Newly created smiley

friday 22/08/2014

CB TrapPotato / YoloSwag420 ... please close all your multi accounts but one, or run the risk of having ALL your accounts blocked

thursday 21/08/2014

tuesday 19/08/2014

This is our guild story, a story that is going to grow with our own characters:

"Since my early childhood, i recall hearing a beautiful song (or so i thought) when i was sleeping, so it came the day when i had to face the truth, it wasn't a dream.
Since that day sleeping was an ordeal, nightmares getting worse and worse by the day,
the nightmares were even more real with every time i went to sleep, with that melody as a witness of the horrors i see, always haunting me, like a curse...
Up to which point the reality is true, up to which point a dream is just that, a dream.
I dont know anymore, i lost the capacity to discern from both, i don't know anymore if im sleeping or even worse, awake.
The only constant is, this cursed melody..."

Also, remember this: Our guild offers a stable and nice place to play, share, talk and have fun with friendly people looking for the same.
The guild will offer an internal market to get your dreamed card, to get yourself a nice deal (if the transaction is way to big we will contact a moderator to make sure both sides are getting what they bargained for) or help with cheap cards to the newbies.

Come to visit us anytime, and if possible, stay with us forever

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