sunday 28/09/2008

Loud devils are recruting ...
all you need is to be lvl 23 +

active guild board!

Come join now and have fun in our we have a market we help u out with ur decks we have lottery and alot of events so come join only lvl 15+ heres the link

Oh yeah, you also must be able to speak (type) English, plus you must put "TR" at the beginning or end of your name. Come join us! smiley We have in-guild tourneys almost every week. smiley

Join Pimp $quad smiley

saturday 27/09/2008

I'll join after this guide lerder thouneyment


and u become a admin as soon as u join up to so anyone is welcomed

Good guild for low levels recommended for you starters

WMD is looking for some new players.

Contact Baron WMD hes a recruiter

PS only bad spell in are guild is me.

We need members!

here is the clan!
hope to meet you there!smiley

Do you want to become the best player in Clint City? Collect many characters? Make tons of friends? Well, you're in luck! guild:230924 could give you all of those. Join AA-GIANRICH and company as we thug it out in our guild room for PRIZES, buy and sell characters in our very own GUILD MARKET, and just having FUN while reaching the TOP! After all, one can't spell "slaughter" without "laughter!" smiley

>Level 20+
>An Active Player
>Go here:

Please close this site

We are the offical academy of urban rivals even ask there leader


friday 26/09/2008


the link

the first letter in the blank is N and the third one is A

We have lotteries games and tournaments common its fun jst join the guild click on the label

Hey u can join my guild its pretty small but its fun

We are looking for new recruits to help make us the ultimate guild!smiley So join us!


The great USA Urban Allies guild is recuiting. Here's our description and all you need to know:

The Urban Rivals have finally allied! We have become the Urban Allies, and we are a guild that goes against all rivalry in Clintz City! Our powerful fleet is based in USA, where we plan our attacks against the huge rivalry.

Also, please check the message board often. We try our best to help each other, share strategies, organize tournaments, and rise to the top. If you would like to join, it would help if you speak English, other than that, we would try our best to help you through the mysteries of Clintz City...

So.... you can be any level, just be active, and I gotta stress this: CHECK THE MESSAGE BOARDS. They contain valuable information, including tourney dates, adminships, etc. Guild link here:


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