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thursday 11/09/2008

Excuse me, why is this awesome recruitment thread being buried under all the other ones?

BUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smiley


Seeing that your guild already have an existing recruitment thread, I am closing this one and redirecting you to the other one:


The toast army is accepting active players level 10 and up.
we are looking for some loyal members who fite to give us a good name and you can fight with us too.
we currantly have 18 members from weak and strong.
and we want you to join us it would be my honer to accept anyone who is at least level 10.
so please if your looking for a guild choose us.

We need some members so if you r active and want 2 play join us

Our motto: You are the best, or you are nothing. Let nothing in this world, or out of it, keep you from being the best. And if someone gets in your way, destroy everything that they hold dear, then destroy them. That is the way of the Guild.

"Lights off, Masks on, Creep silent. Destroy everything, Leave nothing."

Come join the academy of darkness we train you to lvl 20 then you will go on to the big guild

smileyNeed a guild well any levels above 5 can come and join my guild. If your massage me and you tell me how to make you Adims i will if your lv 10 up for adimssmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley.

Join it will it will be a gud guild just give it a shot and im very active leader

wednesday 10/09/2008

Clintcity.org has finally finished some redesigns. We've added some anime channels for you guys and some polls (about monthly to let everyone vote). First poll up -- which is the best clan.

We really need you guys and gals to get unto the site and comment on the clans sections. We're working slow on the character profiles because there are so many now! If anyone is interested in writing about their favorite cards let me know!

Thanks for all the support!

Join submission and get respect and dignity and make your opponat submit.

Must have a green face for fair play, you must be a level 20 or higher to join, and if you want to be an Admin must be a level 25 and prove you are active enough . Anybody can join as long as you have the requirements that are listed.Remember Green Face and level 20 or higher. We here to rip through our opponents.

Join the guild today and become one of the few, the proud, the Marines. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message. Lets get together and blow stuff up right here in Clint City. Semper fidelis!

We are recruiting all new members and hosting a tourney with the first five members to join with a prize of 3000 clintz we are here to help you become the best u can be join us

tuesday 09/09/2008


You can join guild:269835 until you reach level 40 and then you can join guild:269835.

Your guild link,when u click on the name

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