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tuesday 02/09/2008

No one applied to this yet so you can join the underdogs if you want to.

Or maybe Wild C.A.T.S

link= http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=313985

Ow elite is looking for members to have fun and become part of a family not just a guild

Vagabonds is recruiting looking for new friends who just like to have fun and play the game.

Come join 10+

monday 01/09/2008

Please join this new active guild!

Hi all I wanted to say that the guild splinter cells is looking for members here is the link
http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=315027 hope you guys will enjoy the clan when joining and we are looking for anyone right now

Well the tourney is already underway but people should definitely join anyway smiley Its really fun and everyone there likes it. We can make profile pics and everything. Hope to see people soon smiley

The Rare Hunter ar Recruiting if u wana join us just follow the link :

I think you can, just wait

Yo could i join

After kicking 400 of its former 424 members, CBUR is completely remade and accepting all brazilian, portuguese and any portuguese-speakers of Urban Rivals, who are above lvl 15. We are the oldest, most famous and once-biggest Guild in Brazilian Urban Rivals smiley

smileyWe new members
every body a key member here so give us a shout

sunday 31/08/2008

We are holding an event atm so if you join you can take part. Although we only will accept active players remember smiley

Sorry bad acid but im a recruiting admin so please close this subject please

Hi i am lost warrior how i got this name is a long storie but im here to interest you in my guild the skulls of darkness we consist of many players it was created about a week ago and we have 25 members .some attributes of our guild are the message board, and rules and requirements. so far the message board consist of a market ,a friendly compition in which the person you wins gets to become an admin for a month .we came up with this contest to give the members a chance to climb up in popularity because there is only allowed 2 admins and a founder .there is also a ideas board in which when the admins are in confusion trying to make a desicion so we put on the ideas board. there is a little game we call the wish game and a chat zone. the only requirements are hat you be level 5+ if you are lvl 5 - 10 we will train you to get up to lvl 10 . the rules are members arent allowed to make message boards unless given permission , respect you higher authority basically your admins and founder ,and the last rule is to have fun there is no name change yet that we know off that would be on our idea board right now . so have a good time in the skulls of darkness

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