sunday 31/08/2008

Post here if you want to join or pm mesmiley

saturday 30/08/2008



Ive joined a clan

Join Organization XIII
We're a very helpfull guild and cheap cards and tips and tactics
And we also have tournaments where you can win clintz or good cards
Just click

Come and join the family of darkness. where you can learn to use your power of darkness. we learn to make friends so come and join the family of darkness.

Yea come join 10 +

Dude this is for guild searching and finding wrong placee dude

Are you looking for another guild well you must be to be reading this so wot you waiting for lvl 40+ smiley common we wont bite smiley but we do have cool tournaments going on where crs are up for grabs not one not 2 not 3 but 4 crs wow smileysmileysmileysmiley i dont want to bore you smileysmiley smileysmiley but we are talkative on guild board and active we try to help each other on decks its one of out threads smileysmileysmiley so join us at
of all guild i have been in i rate this one 9/10

- Thread closed -

Reason: no guild found.

-Thread closed-

Reason: new thread posted and is now activated.

friday 29/08/2008

Urban Allies




Lol Skulls of Darkness I look forward too what you can achieve good luck smiley

Close This Warrior Already Found Guild

Block or stop i joined one

thursday 28/08/2008

Close this he joined my guild

Nice! I'm in... smiley


Hehe i eat toast for breakfast.. well not really

anyways GL smiley

He's a real good guy as we have been messaging each other back and forth. please help him make a good guild! smiley

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