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tuesday 09/09/2008


Link... smiley

GL... smiley

Please ignore as both Rogue9 and myself have left the guild, as it does not do any of this, and left the guild for that reason!

Thanks shadow. always the best smiley

monday 08/09/2008

Hey i,m interested

smiley LF decent guild

Guild link
The place for fun
good luck

Join mine


Come join Sentinel Strike Force. We are looking for more vocal & active members.

Come join Sentinel Strike force, will would love to have you, we have less than 20 members, and are currently looking for more vocal, active members.


You can join the top ballers smiley we enjoy playing basketball & football

You can join the top ballers smiley

You can join the top ballers smiley

You can join the top ballers. smiley

You can join the top ballers? smiley

What do you mean requiem blade?

Bumping some more any one come on ...... be like that......

sunday 07/09/2008

If you are interested in joining Les Imsomniaks you can PM me and I can make arrangements, we need more English speakers to make the forums bilingual, LOL XD

We are very active except for French sleepy times... smiley And you can see Les Imsomniaks plastered everywhere... XD

Good luck with your future guild too... smiley

How about Wild C.A.T.S? http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=313985

Guild:230924 for easy access.

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