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thursday 25/09/2014

Aussie Uprising

This guild is predominantly for Australian/NZ players who are determined to be active and never to give up on crushing there opponents & just enjoy playing the game. We are however now becoming more multicultural and will accept other players from different countries (level 20 & above only, once we become active again with active members), no exceptions. We have a never say die attitude and are always here to help our members in any way possible. We have been inactive for way too long and its time to change that, we are a fully leveled guild that's ready to become active again!! Join a old and ready-to-dominate again guild now, Aussie Uprising

Feel like being a rocket surgeon? Join the guild and make it official!

Rocket Surgery

(We like to have fun.)

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wednesday 24/09/2014

Resurrected the Shrekoning

We will accept anyone! We are just looking to have a big guild with lots of friendly, active, and talkative members. Nobody will be kicked, and we are just looking to have fun. That being said, we are warriors, so we do kick some butt! smiley

The guild thread: http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/guilds/guild/?id=2020207

tuesday 23/09/2014

@comeatme I'm gonna be on for sometime to check msg boards everyday smiley

Anyways thx guys got a guild

sunday 21/09/2014

Looking for a guild that has an active forum.

I don't really play the game itself however I do talk, a lot.

Pm me or post smiley

New guild for everyone to share there ideas and tips to play , to help each other out and have fun on the forum
To join you just need :
1) to be active

Here is the guild link , join up : guild:2019910

saturday 20/09/2014

Hi, Im sorry but "Any thread created to sell customized avatars and banners is forbidden and will be refused.
This doesn't mean that it is not allowed to be done in guilds or as prize in events". (http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=0&id_subject=569243&subject_page=0#answers (Post 6))

friday 19/09/2014

thursday 18/09/2014

wednesday 17/09/2014

Hi, Why don't you give Urban Madness a try. We are really friendly and don't bite unless its a full moon. smiley


tuesday 16/09/2014

Hi all,

We are a level 26 guild with almost max bonuses.
1 more level and we will have maximum bonuses.
So if interested in joining our guild to grow it stronger in numbers.
You are welcome.

We accept persons that can talk english, french or dutch.
English prefered as way to communicate with all members within guild.

We have a level 26 guild so lets make use of it and make it grow stronger.

de lage landen

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monday 15/09/2014

Great guildsmiley faint man gives away big 5's everyday smiley , steal all his big 5 guys

friday 12/09/2014

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No, I think the guild was so dead it faded out of existence. I've seen it happen before with my cat and finances.

wednesday 10/09/2014

I'm recruting new members to a second guild players above 25 can apply

tuesday 09/09/2014

monday 08/09/2014

The Lost Odyssey are currently recruiting, we were only created a few days ago and already have 65+ members smileysmileysmiley
Basically we are recruiting anyone but the purpose of this thread is to hopefully get an active Admin for the guild who can sort out any problems or requests for members and to organise events.
. Recruiting anyone Level 5+
. Looking for an active Admin
The Lost Odyssey

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sunday 07/09/2014

thursday 04/09/2014

The perfect guild for people who want the benefits but not the stress of having to do a bunch of things. All levels 25+ open. Must be open to contact and must participate in guild events. Other than that, let's ball out. For more casual players.

wednesday 03/09/2014

You need to include a link and [recr] in name

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