sunday 24/08/2008

We are looking for new people to join our guild. You MUST be a minimum level 15 to join the guild. We are very active players and expect the same for the people joining the guild. If your interested just send me a message or apply for the guild. Ohh, and we want English speaking people so they can post on the message board.

Thanks, Shocky1000

Guild Address:

I've decided I'll apply to UpperClass and see how far I get, hopefully better than before. Sorry to Onionhead and Wize smiley

Join my guild i just crated it

Hey clint city join this guild now...this guild is open to anyone lvl 15 and up!
This guild will be getting admins very shortly as soon as we get a few ppl in!

here's the guild's short cut here......join now...........

Im looking to join a guild. open to any english speaking guild. If it matters I use a prodominantly GHEIST deck.

You might wanna reduce the requirement

We still want some players to join. We will give tips for card use to lower levels if needed. We will help with deck building of members. And most of all, we will help with anyone who has a problem with anyone in the guild. We are friendly people that just want to brighten out horizons. So please come and join us.

saturday 23/08/2008

Underground Rivals is currently looking for Great British Players above the lvl of 20 so they can top the charts. we are currently 11th and looking to be 1st. lvl 30+ are sure to get a place as an admin.

The guild will be active once we get going, just be patient

WILL I think it ok. so good buy


Organization XIII is a good helpful active guild. We are hosting a tourney right now that you can still join in if you hurry now and we plan to register in the guild battle royale and cold use high level help. <---- Guild Link


Hey, we are a very active guild called Organization XIII. I might not be an expert but we have people within our guild that are good at helping each other out and such. If you're interested let me know! <---(guild link)

Close This... Theres Already One Going On

Join our guild

The lethal guild that will comes in your way

To win , to fight

To have better communication

We have a new guild called "the british beasts" which is quite succesful already. With 55 members and more coming this is a great guild for any level british player,

Co-founder of british beasts

I am not the leader but i have been put in charge for a while so my guild the blue flames will accept all new comers willing to play ur and be active on the boards we have a lottery and a guild market if your interested thnx and have a good time as a part of the blue flames

If u are interested about my guild please join NOTE ONLY LV 10 AND HIGHER CAN JOIN

friday 22/08/2008

Well iv created a new guild. its called Underground Rivals. For today only im recruting lvl 17+. but after today its lvl 23+. The guild is looking active players and it will be very active itself. Members must speak good english

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