wednesday 20/08/2008

Guild:302866 <------ your guild link smiley

GL... smiley


Thats your link sorted out smiley


Join godz of voodoo we are a nice guild

You forgot the link


All members of my guild are admins so that they can improve the guild

Hi I M A LILL 31 i m looking for a Guild

I will accept u
join the
gods amoung men
apply and your in

tuesday 19/08/2008

We are looking for new people to join our guild. You MUST be a minimum level 15 to join the guild. We are very active players and expect the same for the people joining the guild. If your interested just send me a message or apply for the guild. Ohh, and we want English speaking people so they can post on the message board.

Thanks, Shocky1000

SORRY I MENT gianrich guild LEVEL 20+

What he means is he will make you an admin of his guild

Bad Company <-----Guild Link smiley


To join you need 5 freak cards



You forgot the link..

East Coast Mafia
There you go .....
GL smiley

Sorry I forgot to post it but you have to be level 15 or higher to join.


Theres your link...
GL smiley

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