thursday 14/08/2008

Join the little known fighters with extraordinary cards. Requirements on guild page.smiley

wednesday 13/08/2008

We are here to glorify the Weighted Companion Cube, we love it and wish to folo from its example, if you to love the Weighted Companion Cube come join us in our quest to bring about its will

The dojo is now recruiting new people who fit its qualifications and go to there guild`s privet gameing room.


Im from age of sloth, and heres some advice. most people above lv 5 probly, or should have joined a guild. they look for low level groups, and despise you people who set leveal limits.

Join age of sloth, do wehat ever you want, you dont evean have to be very active smiley m/ o.O m/

Join today, and i'll get back with a responce in less than 24 hours

You don't have guild

Open to everyone over level 5 looking for people who play often.
Guild page:

The new guild on the block is accepting all who want to be great i just started the day before yesterday and am going to become one of the best and am looking for more people who want to become great. apply today!

Join the €hosen one

Maybe you fought piranas?

Here is your chance to be one of the best
-have an active message board
-nice members-and many more
-so what are u waiting for join us now

search for ViCiOuS_

If you were 5 levels higher, I would tell you to join my guild. You think you could do it?

Com on people!!!!!! BUMP

tuesday 12/08/2008

I will take them lol. I am new started on friday but played quite alot so i am a high level but my deck isnt very good.

We are a great english?american guild with over 50 members
very active and always accept great players
you have to be lv 10 and over to join though

Looking for a good guild? Well you've found it! We're a new guild that's looking for people over level 25 who are good at ELO. If you can beat 1150 ELO weekly or are looking to, join us.

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