saturday 09/08/2008

Please join my guild!if u want to join search for sentinel guild!

Yo so i just checking on waht the perks are for joining such as do we get free cards clintz credits or if there is a site. im not trying to be greedy but i just wanted to know

friday 08/08/2008

You want to become respected our whatever join our team and become greatness you will be treated all with respect and we will make you better all levels can join and become more then just a level beome GREATNESS

OUR GUILD NAME:The Kingdom Of Heaven and you can become something more than just a LEVEL.

thursday 07/08/2008

Selling cards in the guild.

Help start the legend of the greatest: The Imperfects! Our motto- Dare to Join. Dare to challenge.

Must be level 10+. (Soon the cap may go up so act now or contact me VenganceReborn)
Upon joining you should contact me to tell me what clanz you're plannin to have.

Here's the Imperfects Page!

Join Silient Anglez now (lvl20+) Here is guild

Hey guys i was a full member of card tricks til my brother clicked on leave guild when i was upstairs so im wondering could i get back in

smiley mga pinoy!!

sali na kayo pra di madisband....

+cebulution+ ang name ng guild...

Plz close i joined one already

Matie you are not in a guild arggh.

If u play hockey and are higher than lvl5 this is your place i will help u to get better and the first 3 to join are going to be som mods

wednesday 06/08/2008

Hey dude could you get me in the shadow hawks because i aint in

Hey what happened why aint in the shadow hawks

Come forth my invaders
soon will be our time to invade so if you dont want to be invaded
join the invaders

Im posted 11th o yeah

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