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friday 31/07/2020

Thank you for your nice words, guys. Let me answer your questions:

- Yes, I created them using photoshop. I had to create a template first. Making it took me 3 weeks since I am not professional. After making all card's files, a printing works printed all for me. Dang, it was cost serious amount of money, but totally worth it.
- These prints are for collecting purpose only, not for playing.
- They are actully not "mini cards". Measurements are: 63 mm x 87 mm

wednesday 29/07/2020

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Join Time Conquers All.
We reduce Kate Tax down to 2.5% and discuss Borgia's Wheel and Black Market.
Click Clubs to join or contact TCA President and Associates with your request.

saturday 18/07/2020

wednesday 15/07/2020


Visit Open Casket, HOA, Excalibur, MOB, so many great Clubs

You might discover Open Casket is your joyful destination

tuesday 14/07/2020

Twelve exactly, no more, no less; and you must vow never to eat chicken again... unless it's deep fried.

sunday 12/07/2020

Choose the set up via the filter, that should help with your problem.

thursday 09/07/2020

Bienvenido mi amigo

tuesday 07/07/2020

Were more like the google of UR. relaxed atmosphere, happy people and filthy rich

And you, YES YOU!!!! You are also welcome too, come be part of our family!!! smileysmileysmiley

sunday 05/07/2020

It's Done!!!! 3 Angels helped me a lot to get this done!!! OMGGGGGGGGGGGOD!!!!!!!

Sorry for posting on the wrong thread! smiley Closing!

saturday 04/07/2020

We have 50-100 players in T2 everyday. The same guys.

friday 03/07/2020

Oh man, batdut, you're lucky I don't have your old bio copypasta anymore or I would spam it

saturday 27/06/2020

Just click on my name, click Harbingers of Ares, go to our club page and click join at the top of the page.

tuesday 16/06/2020

Hello, just remade my club. I have to restart all over again. Looking for active players that want a supportive guild. Elo is a plus but not necessary. Go ahead and join and reap the rewards.

monday 08/06/2020

RocketStar Warriors Unite in the of the Secret Solar Service! Storm through Clint City to keep the Peace and recruit anyone to our cause. Through skills and tactics we will be a force to be reckoned with.
Anyone can join, Rules may vary.

Greetings Traveler, The service is now founded is is of need of players. Our Team may not be strong now but over time we will be strong! Join before its too late.| https://www.urban-rivals.com/en/clubs/?id:2063140 | If you have any feel free to message me even when I'm offline.

I don't know, felt like making a guild just to play & chill

Join me if you want to be part of one, let's just take it easy and enjoy the bonuses


Greeting Traveler, The service is now founded is is of need of players. Join until its too late

saturday 06/06/2020

Welcome to Open Casket and All Players interested in visiting us

DAILY Discussions:

ELO and current eSport Cash league (June 1st - Aug 23rd)

Active Survivor DT Coliseum Terminus and Event deck building

Sharing Investment Strategies & dedicated OC Marketplace

OC Card Vault includes Paradox cards you can borrow to complete ELO and LD missions

Looked at the club, it says that Open Casket's not accepting new members.

Join Open Caskets

DAILY Updates:
Active Forum
Coordinated Event Team
Top Players ELO Survivor DT Coliseum
Sharing Investment Strategies & OC Marketplace

OC henchmen post daily content
OC Card Vault includes Paradox cards you can borrow to complete ELO and LD missions

You're invited

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