thursday 31/07/2008

A guild for the twisted and extreme minds. A place for all us crazy gods to run and play and bleed away. Lvl 10 and up for now please. oh.. and having a cool godly name helps. English is my only language so Please expect to use it.
WE are the GODS of DEATH. WE are the DOOM BRINGERS. the only EVIL is what we MAKE FOR OURSELVES!! so join in my friends, in this time of TORMENTS shall you be tormentie? OR TORMENTOR!!!

Hello Everyone,

The Eyes of Darkness is now recruiting. For now there is no requirements but later there will be. So get it quick before its too late



once u reach 35 u can join east coast lengends

I need more members for my guild, we have very few members, we're not exactly the strongest guys, and i have an unnatural obsession with werewolves, join if you can

He already fond aguild plz close

Join us when u reach
thats the smaller guild of ecl for pepole under ecl requirement lv


Theres the linak and GL smiley


The Syndicate of the Bloodrose is a group of players that value strategy and wits above all else. This elite group seeks to train all newcomers and veterans alike in the ways of battle in Clint City. I hope this will become an extremely friendly and helpful guild for all. Also, currently all levels are welcome to join as long as you stay active. Goodluck!


Theres the link and GL smiley


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I nearly fainted when I read the title... XD

Here's your guild link:
Killer King Kobra

Good luck! smiley

BUMP please!

I got 4 k and looking for good players

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Come check out Clint City Kings. We would be more then happy to have you join at your lvl.
we are active, and we speak in english, so if you want check us out

wednesday 30/07/2008

Here for recruitment

Mods please close we already have a post.

Revel in your humble existence for ours is that which snuffs out the light of titans...We crush the will of gods and smite those without shame and piety. We are the ones that come for you in the night, we are the ones whos visage will be your last. We will not step lightly as we tread upon your dreams. We are an epiphany of mortality. We are the reaper of your souls essence...we are the Revelations of Humility. ~ SPARTANKONIN ~

The 'RoH' is a fast growing guild and has a close set of dedicated players that will strive to see that all newcomers get a chance to play at any level they so choose. We offer VERY CHEAP card sales to existing members and we are active in tournaments and ELO. We will also help with questions about strategies and deck builds. We do like to play so if you are the kind of person who likes to play and enjoys the competition then we may be just what you are looking for. Message me ~ Spartankonin ~ or my admin ~ grumps ~ for details on how to join and what we expect of you and what you should expect from us.

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