monday 28/07/2008

Wait acually its Flaming Dragonz

smiley Thanks for the feed back folks...When u click on "my guild' u get to see the guilds name and a brief bio, well next to that bio is a flag,my flag as is now is the american flag. Very cool but i have members from different parts of the world and would like to have a world flag...Any insite on this matter will be greatly appreciatedsmiley

sunday 27/07/2008

I'm recruiting right now actually i just created my guild

We welcome all to apply to the way of the guild we are a new guild, but powerful still. I ask that only english speaking players apply. We hold Guild tourneys and other great prizes for the winners of contests.

To apply click this url

I need member

Help us get to th topand we will help you.

Running half or mono of freaks, nightmare, monatana, piranas, gheist, and junkz, or just simply have a fearful deck then this guild is for you. We as the dark knights are trying to bring fear into people with our powerful decks, and reclaim this city one battle at a time. here's the link to this guild

Join us at The Coven Academy

If u rock at Urban Rivals this is the guild for u. i would prefer that u r level 12 and up.if u r interested please join. THANX!

How do u get credits?

Deaths row is a fun guild that is for lvs 10 and up.Must speak basic english.
we have friendly members!get a chance to get uncommon cards every time you invite people!.
if you are looking for a guild,choose deaths row

may the caca be with you


Im going to keep it true, I just made it so I need some members to help me out and join. Not just to join and leave, but to stay. Also it's only for LEVEL 25's and Up, I can't stress that enough. We are going to be helpful (Not giving away free cards) and we also are going to be active and the BEST!! We are going to challenge other guilds be the best GvG players (Guild Vs Guild). This is going to be a factor, notice these words "GOING" - "BE" - "TO" . We are going to be the Best, Smartest, and Coolest and Most Known ever. We are going to go to the top with this guild, NO JOKE.

saturday 26/07/2008

I need members for the Black Flaming Hybrid Guild

I am recruiting lvl. 5+
U interested than go to this site

smileysmileysmiley We are still looking 4 worthy players to be part of a new fresh guild. Come and be a Rider and cruise through Clint City...All levels allowed but only real players will staysmileysmileysmiley

Our guild is going to be the best one day. With the help of many others, this guild will be number one! We can help support anyone who joins. Accepting Level 18 and above active players.

By joining this guild, you would get characters of urban rivals for discount prices.
Also, we hold competitions now and again amongst are members.

We currently have 18 members and are growing.
Please Join and become an immortal.

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