saturday 26/07/2008

I need new cards plz sell me 1

This is my 3rd and final guild if u wish to help us dominate the clint city streets then join us and u will be made an administrator let the violence begin!

You aint gonna become a good player or a nice player you gonna become one of the best hands down message me if you havin a hard time ill tell you what cards to get to hook up ya deck and heres something once a week 2 people guild only who can beat me 2 out of 3 times is becomeing and admin hands down I always keep my word Heros are always remembered legends are never forgotten

We dont care about who you are. We care about you getting powerful with us. You can join any level and any country its okay. So join if you want to get powerful or love DragonBall, DragonballZ, or DBGT

All levels are allowed entrance and are guaranteed to be instantly accepted. Filipinos are encouraged to join!!!! Mga Pinoy jan sali nah!!!

Looking for active, social, funny and good humored players.

We hold contest, tournements, and guild wars frequently.

friday 25/07/2008

Ill take a go i am active i usually get on everyday

Its called the scarface e guild we are looking for players that would join are guild anyone lv 10 and higher can join

Another cool game.. but dont just leave urban rivals.. this is a great game also.

If u GD or u run under the 6 get down wit my crew so we can be strong on the net and strong in these streets 7414 all day GDN.

Hey i would like to join this guild im lv 12 and i want a guild that isnt all serious and just a guild to have fun in. i do play about 2 or 3 days a week

A guild for those who want to come and go as they please, no activity limits. Just a place to have fun.

Usually 1-2 people online most of the time willing to participate in private battles to help you perfect those battle skills.

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Come on it the best

This is an open invitation for all players of any level from around the world to join my guild The Ace of Spades. There's a few things that I ask of you. If you would like to join please play the game at least a couple times a week. If you don't play the game then please don't join. No cheating! No insulting other players or other members of the guild! No user names that would insult others or use vulgar use of language. And finally and most importantly just have fun. So post in this forum or message me if you would like to seek membershipsmiley

Well join aussie battler's today !

- Sales well under market price
- Active message Board
- In Guild Tournaments
- Great Advice
-2nd Greatest Guild of the Nation (1st are french smiley wrong Nation)
-oppourtunities to make great friends

Im letting in all members if you ask for something it will be granted if you want to join pm mesmileysmileysmileysmiley

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Are You A Legend? Do you have a good reputation? Are you looking for glory? If so join Legends and be part of A Guild that has a common goal...Success.

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Hey join my guild!!

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