saturday 19/07/2008

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friday 18/07/2008

Im level 18 and try to maintain an ELO rating of 1150
ive been playing for less than a month and have some decent cards
i am looking for a very active clan that likes to compete
i am also intrested on getting better cards, especially in the La Junta and the all stars.
PM me if you want me in your clan thank you!

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Hi, Shadow reapers are recruiting for new guild members. all levels are welcome. to become an admin you must be over level 15 or defeat me and Drako87. Check us out.

Help us get to the top.

Join Stand Tall, we're a newly formed guild which is all about proud and honourable fighting. Standing together we can rise above everyone else, We welcome warriors, set collectors, in fact anyone level 5 +

United We Stand - Divided We Fall.

This is not a clan for backstabbers, or people which run other players down.We do not appreciate offensive language, and anybody caught doing so may face expullsion.

We try to create a friendly fun enviroment for all, we welcome people of all countries, as long as they can type readable english.


So Join Stand Tall, and Stand tall and have lots of fun, meet new friends, trade cards, and do duels.

Bump plz

Join aussie battlers were the top aussie recrutin guild (2 in aus)

Try out the guild im in: clint city kings:


Forever in the darkness, cast down from the heavens, we are the ones to remain in the end. A battle for hope, and a war for existence will continue until we rise to the top. Darkness is only the absence of light, but a shadow is the overpowering evil in us all.

Looking for members.

thursday 17/07/2008

Cool but dont put stuff like that in the forum put it in ur guild forum

The only way to improve ur collection is to either buy them (u get money from playin.) buy credits (this also allows u to sell cards, u get credits from the shop) or when u get enugh credits buy packs from the shop ( 3 pak for 20 credits and 50 credits for an 8 pak

Our guild is going to be the best one day. With the help of many others, this guild will be number one! We can also help support anyone who joins. Accepting Level 18 and above active players.

Death devilz is such an awesome guild so please join!

-We are looking for lv 10 and up active players active players
-We are an awesome guild with 20 players but very new

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You have played that guy before... After 2 fights in a DT you start getting 1 point and 1 clintz to prevent cheating.

Read the sticked subjects up top..

Cakey join my guild plz

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