saturday 05/07/2008

Looking for any people for my guild

Join my guild to begin a new era of Urban rivals!!!!

Lol force, doing your job. Bump for this thread!

Joni urban Madness, dosen't matter what lvl u are!

A guild for anyone with no requierments. Fell free to postulate!


Selden is right ppl just want u in there guild like me smiley

I reward all promising recruits with a starter card. All people interested message me or just apply to

P.S. THis doesn't mean start begging for cards

friday 04/07/2008

Join Bad acid we are a small guild but we are going to start trying to have games and tornements for clan members.

Any level can join if ya want to any nationally will be accepted this is a pre-guild of time lords so if we have intrested you click on the link below an join us

Everybody are welcome... if you have some skills smiley

Hi... i have created this guild for fun... anybody is welcome here... maybe a little of skill s is needed smiley


"Shielded Crows" is a new guild that is looking for members. no matter what is your level or any thing els. ask to join and you are sure to get the answer you hope for.

Good luck in trying 2 become number 1 in the us smiley

Lvls 40 and up join this guild to make it the best in the world

Sorry ans com from the usa or canadasmiley

thursday 03/07/2008

Recruiting for our crew no lower than level 10 we do clan competitions so you can earn cards while playing your normal games and also even earning crs yes crs its exciting so get on down to the hidden vilage and yes i know vilage is spelt with 2 l's i just like using one smiley

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