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monday 30/06/2008

You dont have a guild

Come And Join, Looking Forward To It

sunday 29/06/2008

Need 2 admins must be atlest a 20 for admin pos.

Im looking for 2 more admins to help get this guild started.can you help?20 and up for admin outhers wecome.

The guild Total Splitz has just formed and we are looking for plpayers to bloster our ranks it dose not matter if you are a newbie, a hardcore player or ever a collector swing by and join up by clicking on the link http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=260168

I will pay 2k for alec anybody who has one message

Join my guild and dark days will be coming for the rest.

Any american or canadian looking for a guild
min lev of 15 to join
you must speak english.
so have fun.

The Black Hand Gang is a new gang looking for anyone lvl 10 and up!
we want to make a place were mostly everbody can hang out and play!
if you think your good enough and want to join send me a message and postulate yourself and ill let you in!

IM LOOKING FOR A RIGHT HAND MAN OR WOMAN AS AN ADMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My starting card are same as yours.

It doesn't really matter if you join a guild or not, but if you want to join one then join Ultmate Incarnation. We don't care what level you are, or what kind of player you are, all we care about is having fun and battling. So come on down to Ultimate Incarnation, the place for you.

Don't miss out on this incredible offer!

If anyone wanna join a good pure american clan then join Band of brothers. We only accept lvl 15+ and we would be the 16th best guild. So join us and become a great guild memebr!

Join energize
we are number one in the uk and getting better throughout the world
the guild has loads of active people that speak in the guild board alot

and you will more than likely get free cards in the giveaways and stuff

hope to see you there


Join the Street Sharks and I'll help you improve your levels money and skills

all people who join my guild should become a friend of mine so I can tell you when we are training in the Street Sharks room

Harlow, i new player lah. just started but i find this game very the difficult to understand but very fun to play. so ah, got any tips or anything like that ah? becos i no idea wat is good and wat should i do this and that. also lah want tosay hallo to everyone.

What, no guild to match?

This guild is for level 15+
must be active and aggressive

This is a fun guild lots of chit chat, so be ready to talk
Games, topics, and anything else you could think of.
Your opinion matters and ideas welcome.
Limited exceptions for recruitment.

smileysmileyoi mga pinoy dyan sumali na kayu sa guild namin!!!!!smileysmiley

Steel City Bandits are recruiting! Must be Level 15 or higher and be an active player. As soon as we get 10 members we are having our first lottery. We are currently at 5 active members and hoping to be a very interactive guild with tournaments and such. So come on down guys help me make this guild the best in the US.

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