wednesday 25/06/2008

Just siple PM me or Guild to my Guild smiley

We got 4 members, only six more and we will have our much anticipated lottery. Kinda got a good idea for the Prize, but we need more members. By time we get 10 the prize may get better. Come on guys join the Bandits.

I want to no wat clan is a good starter?????

Join Us as we climb our way into the ery top ranks, you must be level 15 to join, no acception, but any one over that we will be happy to accept as long as you are pretty active.
heres the link:

The guild of light and darkness is recruiting any level player
please join

If your lookin for fun mixed with competition join fallen creed if your in a crappy guild we'll make you look better must be level 12+ master to join!

Come join I'll Have Two Pints fun guild with weekly competitions and tournaments
anybody can join of any lvl

Now recruiting 10+ plz apply we are new =) looking for active players that want to particapate and be in running contention for #1!!!

In order to become number one guild i have to put up the border line for acceptance level, from now on the rules are:

to join the guild you have to be level 16+
to become an admin 25+

$$ Blud Diamondz $$ is an awesome guild but i needs more people so if u are willing to join this guild it is for any levelso any one can join

Hi there, if you're looking for a very nice guild [Weekly competitions(not dependent on UR skills/cards), a nice guild Leader, and friendly+helpful guild members], join(Please send me a private message if u wish to join/know more) :

I'll Have Two Pints

One of the best guilds on elo come to this guild and become a great player

--you have to be on level 35 or above
--you have to be active

Well any one can join and it would be nice to have a pack. lone wolves rock.

Hi I'm the leader of the lone wolves and I would like to say that any one reading this could be a lone wolf. if you feal that you want to be one of the pack please join us.

Dragonball Z kings are now recruiting almost all applicants, come join our fun freindly guild.

Here is the link for you to join

Well if you want to be the best, DISCIPLES OF WAR is great, they helped me with what i neede and well there like my family, you should join


Here's your guild link... smiley

Army Of Power are now recruiting, we have just started and are looking for members to join us and help us on the path to glory!, We are mainly interested in Australian player's Over lvl5, othe nation's are still accepted. is our guild page!

Please signup!

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