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saturday 28/06/2008

Join the SOULREAPERS!!! and u will rule this webste!!!smileysmileysmileysmiley

The Silver Troops guild owned by pinaples is a upcoming guild acsepting anyone over the level of 13!

Enjoy and keep on trying

Sorry but were only accepting lvl 10 and above now....

Just so you know 05ict837,

"It is also not proper to post about joining your guild in someone else's recruitment thread. Anyone caught doing so, will also be blacklisted."


My guild wwe urban's king's

I did not put very much info on the last letter so heres the link for the guild http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=258905

we are looking for level 10+ people to join later this guild will be more exclusive so join soon

we don't really have a prime objective except for ruling everything

you can meet new friends hopefully with your help we can become the most powerful group in the WORLD


heres the link again http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=258905

Hey everyone looking to join a guild where you are not just another number in the members group?... looking for active administrators and owner who keeps things exciting as well as different activities where you can win things instead of a group who doesn't do anything?... looking for people who actually help each other out instead of ignoring you?

If you answered yes to the following question explicite is the group for you!!!... all our members matter to us!!!... all levels are welcome!!!... we love to play hard and have a good time as well as making friends along the way!!!



My guild is for people that are level 10 plus! so far i have 6 members! I am trying to recruit people so we can have competitions within the guild and do lots of daily tournaments. Right now I need people who are really interactive in the game and are pretty good rankings which will inspire more people to join. Thank you!!! smiley

Howdy, I'm leadin' off the guild "The Sweet Cupcake Experience" and I'm looking for anyone that would like to join. So if you would, just throw me a message, if not, that's cool too.

O wow! BUMP! Even Soliuz bumped for this guild, so every1 join!

Kingpimpjuice the creater off Dark Joker Clan is recruting all players who want to join


friday 27/06/2008

Abandon Your hope, forget The Light..
Will You continue forward, plow through..,
Corpses - tried like You, to win The Sight,
Of Annihilation and Doom

apply at
smiley good luck and have fun smiley

Join deaths shadow
lvl dont matter
cards dont matter join deaths shadow all are welcome.

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=259543 is my guilds homepage so join soon so i can keep my guild. i would prefer high level members (14-30) so join now.

A new guild rises. We are a new guild that needs members. Wepromise to be active. There are 2 requierments (for now):
2)must be active (at least 2 times a week; both the guild's message bord and in-game)
Feel free to postulate

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