monday 09/06/2008

Hi if you are looking for a nightmare guild join mine. I knew more people PLEASE!!!
Guild= S-H-A-D-O-W
please message me if u would like to join or just simply join please!!!!

Yes people, its finnaly here the BAKUGAN GUILD.

sunday 08/06/2008

Just starting out need a guild and some help. Freedom is a layed back guild who just want to have fun so if it sound kool join.

Hi, if you're looking a great guild then this is the guild for you. Accepting members over level 10

Join the KillerGuild

This helps and if your going to say 25 and up please fallow your own rules and lose the lower lvl players.

It sounds like the people who are going to join it are going to post the recruitment page

Blh is a mini game clan: intercepts with fourm games, so you'll never be bored in blh!
always happysmileysmiley.

HcP is looking for recruits. Everyone welcome.

Hey there.smiley
want a guild?
that speaks english?smiley
thats extremly active?smiley
and always friendly?smiley
Join the brotherin! Today!smiley

Hi if you are looking 4 a guild and your over level 17 and are an aussie or nz come and join aussie battlers.
we love footy tipping, in guild tourneys and a lotto now & then ( if you join now the prizes for the lotto are tyler and armand).
Hope you join!

This is why i check-
some people just SAY there active
so i can have more clannies
because i need it

saturday 07/06/2008

Dude, calm down, if ite very active, ill join like 7 ppl on at a time

Join US now or Die LOL Join UrbanLegends because we like 2 have Fun and beat the snot out of Other Guilds Im in the process of getting a Forum for the guild and i have a Ventrilo Server where the guild can go in and chat thru there Microphones msg me or go directly to the guild page

Guild FDEI
This is an italian guild that is trying to recruit English playerssmileysmiley
If there are inscriptions, we'll translate each forum in English

For information ask me or administrators

Im new at all this, but I'll learn quickly and may be a good addition.

First of all, what are ofters and is it acive alot

dragon slaya-guild composer

I'm looking for some new recruits in my guild if u play good and have good skills come and join we need some more people so i'll be willing to take anyone who thinks they are good or know they r good


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