friday 20/06/2014

I have returned from a while away. I returned to find my small little guild pretty much abandoned. I have 6 inactive members so im trying to rebuild again. I want to have a guild thats active, fun, and helpful to their fellow members. Call it a miniature family if you will. The hope is we can all work together to achieve our goals, in and out of the game. As long as you are active and are willing to support your guild mates through anything I want you. A link to the guild page has been provided below. i look forward to meeting you all.

Fall From Grace

thursday 19/06/2014

Idk maybe i come visit one tsmileyismileymsmileye

monday 16/06/2014


I would revolutionize the top guilds by "average members". For this, I am looking for active players on the game and minimum level 110.

Feel free to PM me if you want.

How you do that?

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Hello Guyz and Galz.. My name's Mustafa and I request you all to join my newly formed Guild "Devil's Den"...
Everyone is welcomed , from legends to rookies...

Guild : guild:2007732

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sunday 15/06/2014

You can join my Guild smiley

friday 13/06/2014

You never know Merlin maybe in a month or two this person could be a 1450 + elo player gotta have hopes and support smiley

Im a low level, active player, who really wishes he could find a good guild to join at or around my current level. Or one worth growing in... Problem, none of them seem to be active, or I dont fit the requirements... So I made a clan of my own with the thought that others might face the same predicament I do and end up searching through guilds that wont accept them.

We accept everyone; or moreso, I do, Any level; though higher level players wouldnt want to join me anyways, and the only requirements is at least a semi active account. You have to participate and play a couple times a week if possible... Please, Thanks, and Yeah... XD

My favorite clan is the Pussycats because they stand up for themselves and womans rights!!! That is why I decided to create this guild to show all the people out there that women can do what men can and even better. This is also for the girls who get treated horribly by men. We must stand together and fight for our rights!!!


From NekoCutiesmiley

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thursday 12/06/2014


[RECR] + Title
Describe your guild, what are the benefits (or lack thereof) of joining your Guild? What do you do? Etc.
Include a guild link.

tuesday 10/06/2014

Palofgames invited me to his guild smiley

The guild didn't work , I guess no one takes a lvl 19 seriously

Hello all!

For those of you interested, I created a guild named Genesis and I'd like to recruit members. Genesis is centered around up and coming players. Players who are seeking an active guild will be pleased to know that I plan on being active and encourage an active guild.

Genesis can be located at: guild:2007040

Thank you for viewing

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monday 09/06/2014

You may not think so, but statistically it looks like you are. Opinions are opinions and facts are facts smiley

I am now in Arcane Forest so i can close this topic

sunday 08/06/2014

Its obvious that Squirtroll did not read the guild boards properly. smiley

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