friday 06/06/2008

Join now smiley its amazing

I'm looking for a strong and powerful team of fighters.

smiley jion my group if u r the truth


to apply simply search for THE BRITISH ARE COMING, or folow the link:

Dmoc clan is recruting join and become a great player so come on people join

Join our clan sinital collecters prfered but all are welcome

We need more members. Join the Heroes of Darkness.

A yo,
ill join ur guild..
im down homie..

Immortal Elites are recruiting but there are some requirements.

Level 20+
Have The Ability To Sell Cards On The Market Publicly And Privately
Active Person


thursday 05/06/2008

We are looking for members that like Anime/Manga . your level doesnt matter as long as you have good rankings.A goals of ours is to be the best Guild ever. Im also looking for good quality Admins that can help me with Guild perks.

Here Is A Link To My Guild

Come and join this guild where everyone is welcome we offer you a great experience here you will be trained and taught if your still a noob all lvls welcome too!!! still not conviced then read on

!This month only if you join you will gett one free random card! (over lvl 15 any card excludes cr's under lvl 15 (c) or (u) )

!Soo what are you waiting for join now! smiley smiley

Here in New-Blood-2209 we are a community. We don't sign in one day and never return, no we come and we appreciate the people participating in such a wonderous guild. I for one am grateful of this oppurtunity and would like to give a bow to Bryck and the others, showing that this isn't a's a family! smiley

If you want to join my friend's guild just postulate. But please be level 15 and speak english. Thanks and good bye.smiley

Yay. I just joined. They told me to come here and say good things about this guild, so, it smells so good in the guild.

Also, we have jellybeans.

Well, not really. But we're working on that.

And, uh, it's really fun to do stuff.

In the Guild.

That we're in.


I just don't know about any of the stuff.

Okayyyyy...So, join this guild because...yes. Just join.

Hey dude.. why not buy the best cards available for ELO so you get a great chance at winning.. ahw..!!


All you have to do is be active.

We're a fun loving guild who takes anyone, no matter what level. There's about 35 of us, not including me. We like to talk about our cards strengths and weaknesses, and when we get the chance, we fight. We swap tactics, and we teach newbies how to fight. You don't have to join us if you don't want to, but we're worth a look. So check us out. You won't be disappointed.

This is our URL: Worth a look.

Red Fury - Founder of Undercover Devils

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