sunday 01/06/2008

We are accepting lvls 15 and up check us out we are a laid back guild and liek 2 have fun and collect cards join join

We are recruiting new players to join you must be lv20 or higher to join
this is the link.

Winning= points = Ranking..

lets raise up n be 'most wanted' in this ting

Please visit my guild page and my profile page for more informationsmiley

Also, this guild will hold bi-weekly tournaments. For some people it might be free while others in the guild will have to pay a small price for a grand prize. Also, it is not 15 and up anymore it is now 10 and up.


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My guild looking a new recruit from Poland. If you are from Poland and you want join, go to:

Yer but wot happens wen u get past lvl 23???

r u kicked out???smiley

Close pls.

In the meantime, we've grown to 8 members, and the ofter still stands. Everybody's welcome!

As soon as you are level 15 join silient angelz they are a great guild and the leader soliuz is really generous

Hey hows it goin? im the founder of Free for All. What my guild is about is that i dont care what lvl you are or how you fight in battle im all about meeting and sharing tacics and information with everyone else.I know granted we only have 4 members myself included but i hope to see or hear from you. If you have questions about the guild just message me id be happy to answer.
link to the guild:

well i hope to hear from you have a good battle.

Master GGG is at your service. :thumbsup

Then Join The Police! A Guild Made In Nz!

saturday 31/05/2008

With over 50 players and a active forums

Im lookin 4 a big guild with lots of compotitons and active forms

smiley we are recruting plz join us

we accept anyone smiley

If you join you will get the Tournaments Guild package. This means:
Free admission into any tournaments created by our guild.
You will be a tournament advisor. This means that you can contribute your ideas to any tournaments our guild makes.
You'll Learn how to create tournaments of your very own.

Pond Of Terror is always on the lookout for new members.We accept all levels and all countrys and everyone is an admin.

After a yearof inactivity the world renown Clintz City University (CCU) will be re-opening it's doors to the youth of Urban-rivals. No longer will you have to walk the streets wondering what guild I have to join or what will my new gang be like, when you can enter the College entry of CCU! Currently we are looking for both Proffesors whom are well versed in tactics and traits of Card Battling and for young wards whom are will to learn under some of the best.
We are accepting applications for
Teachers: Whom will be paid a stipend of 1000 clintz a week. May not sound like a lot but nothing beats a weekly paycheck.
Students: Who will receive not only cards for good grades, but also promotion to the next grade level until you have proven yourself worthy to be a teacher.

We expect our staf to be on call atleast once a day and to submit syllabus and hand out work daily with a test to be given every 3 days to gauge our student skill and co-operation.
We also expect our students to attend classes, all that you have chosen for you cirriculum atleast once a day and to do each test. Poor grades and failure to attend class will result in demotion and even expolsion from school for set amount of days.

When we are up and running we will have a full cirriculum that will have but not limited to:

Advanced Tactics
Feild Study
Clan Appreciation
Advanced Clan Appreciation

We hope to have a good turnout this year sign up or contact me at PRYSM CCU

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