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tuesday 10/06/2008

Join fear the reapers u must be lv12 up and speak english.
wat is the piont of this guild u may ask?(parenthesis, maybe) dislexia(note im dislexic in spelling and i can't spell dislexia). well we have many guild guides to help u with decks and a free tournement to win some cards. if you like many of the advantages in joining our quild contact Reaper_Mike or attempt to join the quild by postulating to it.smiley hope to see u soon in the quild

Hi im skamp im guild leader of English Raiders,im wanting low level players who need some experience or high level players wanting to help low lvls out,this guild is dedicated to the english and therfore will help all english ppl lvl up,guild link is http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=245052

Ok well i have my own guild so i wouldnt join

just seeing if you wanted to join mine

Any level accepted.


to apply simply search for THE BRITISH ARE COMING, or folow the link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=237333

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I love SSB smiley

Im trying to look for a La Junta Clan.
Im good. Well, you can see that for yourself, but i just want a clan to join that actually cares about their members and not just to have a lot!
Quality over quantity.
Ight, hit me up.

This is a clan dedicated to those who;ve retired their accounts, much like me. Of course, out of boredom you'll see one of us pop in for a game or two, but that's pretty much it.

Interested in joining the elite Fluffy Bunnies Picking Daisies guild? Ask me how!

Join US now or Die LOL Join UrbanLegends because we like 2 have Fun and beat the snot out of Other Guilds Im in the process of getting a Forum for the guild and i have a Ventrilo Server where the guild can go in and chat thru there Microphones msg me or go directly to the guild page http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=138461

If you are level 5 go to homepage and click the get your free timber

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Also Join Silient Angelz!Were the best in the world!

monday 09/06/2008

This recrutment strategy is a piece of crap

"Futurama is awsome " will be recruting and is happy to recrute anyone 7+ and that is very active in the game if you have CONTACT ME DIRECTLY not my clan at the name bendersblack.

fellow guild members don't contact me on the guild's message board contact me directly

If you are a senior or higher you may join my guild.you also my join if you a novice with over 10 cards.i need atleast four people to join. pm me if you want. thank you for reading this.

Anyone is welcome to join smiley

I don't understand how to play smiley

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