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saturday 31/05/2008

Maybe there would be them fishmen like Davy Jones or even Kraken!!smiley Not to mention the Flying Dutchmen

Join Squarejump! United to meet others like you!
Accepting any levels and type of players.
Will happily accept any Square Enix or Shonen Jump fans or both.smiley
Members must at least play the game once a week

Click here for agreement: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=235062

My group still only has 2 members please join, but you must be in the process of using or making a Nightmare, Freaks, & GHEIST team ONLY!

For all of you we are planning to open this for postulants level 15 and up if we completed our guild we will put out every inactive player who doesn't play much so we can have a good battle points please contact our founder brolly dude or me to postulate on our guild thanks.

Hi, I'm Marco. I'm new to Urban Rivals but I'm liking it. I'm looking for a guild from Peru.

Looking to represent us Peruanos.

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friday 30/05/2008

Join the silent angels were a big guild with lots of fun things to do

Hello Musicman. What's up?


just want to say a real big thank you to you all!


P.S i do feel loved now =]


We need active people to join in our quest to get larger.

The Left Arm of the Devil

We are a guild looking for members, no lvl limit come join us.

Were new but were friendly.

Recluto gente para mi gremio.
se llam naruto ninjas y pronto sera un gran gremio.
para entrar tienes que ser del nvl. +15 ser activo y escribir mucho en el foro.
aqui hay sorteos, concursos y estamos planeando nuestro primer torneo de gremio.
aqui responderemos a todos tus dudas y seremos grandes amigos.
espero veros

un saludo:
dark saske


I welcome you to a small corner of the world where new Leader being born,
In here we only have 3 principals
Democracy - Communication - Respect

You're most welcome to come here : http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=236729

smiley this is a guild that wount judge u by ur rank as long as u have the heart of the cards and play to inprove ur game its not far for u not to have a team to look out for u so join my guild

Join us and become istant admin smileysmiley

WOULD YOU LIKE 2 JOIN OUR GUILD == A A1 smiley smiley

evey1 becomes an admin

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I would like to join

You can ask anyone in the guild we are very active and people are very friendly and if you have any questions feel free to cantact me or Cloud660

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