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friday 30/05/2008

Join us and become istant admin smileysmiley

WOULD YOU LIKE 2 JOIN OUR GUILD == A A1 smiley smiley

evey1 becomes an admin

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I would like to join

You can ask anyone in the guild we are very active and people are very friendly and if you have any questions feel free to cantact me or Cloud660

thursday 29/05/2008

Looking for more members come join this guild

Can i join smiley im lvl 9 but im sexy xD

Join my clan n u will be n admin Hurry up

_Must be lvl 10 n above_
Collected Timber or Vaanser
Always active in the clan
lvl 5's who first joined will still be Admin
any Smiley

Plz join! =)

I welcome you to a small corner of the world where new leader being born,
In here we only have 3 principals
Democracy - Communication - Respect

You're most welcome to come here : http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=236729

Sure? paolo tlga oh. hehe.,

You might want to add. your not ask for cards when you join.

Join us and be the most powerful demon in the world. smiley

Looking for anyone to join a guild join mine Im looking for the New recruits

Go Yard and Purple Drink is still recruiting, but we have restrictions this time...members must be active and at least level 15, JOIN US...lolz thanks

I think a better idea would be to get your friends into the game, then hold regular retuits for members

wednesday 28/05/2008


I'm looking for a guild.
Also looking for someone like me.smiley

I looking for admin level 25 or 30 n memberssmiley

Bang Bang Squad is recruting levels 10up so join and be an admin first 5people

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