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wednesday 28/05/2008

Thank you smileysmileysmiley



Trying to start a sick ass clan. Looking for people ready to train and fight like the best men. My clan was created before man, Therefore we should set the standards for being the best. Join my clan, become the best.

BM= Before MAN, in our case, we were first into LIFE and therefore the BEST MEN!


Visit UpperClass if you like... I can assure you that we are a strong guild.. inside and out... We have lots of funny conversation inside the guild forum...... I will not comment on that "sexy chicks" requirement... We provide fun and loving company and not any thing else. smiley


All you need to be is level 5 or above to enlist


tuesday 27/05/2008

Join the guild of the badest people its called team badboyz i am the founder but i put a lv 7 as a founder for a little while

Because i dont mind the company and i dont care if u are a high or low level. well if ya have any questions just message me and ill answer to my ability. have fun and crave the fun.

If your a good player and u wanna b the best team and reach the top just join

We need more members. Sign up. All applicants lv 10 and up are accepted.

You dont have to be a certain level
You dont have to be a certain race
You dont have to be a certain age
And you dont have to be from the USA

All we ask is that you support your troops like we support you

Wrong message board please close this

Huh? im confuze

Me look my prof.. it's impressive smiley smileysmiley

an i join..!!!! sup..!!!

Needing one devoted recruit.actually,not needing..but would like to see if there is one more person out there willing to step up.hit me up for a challenge...and yea..

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