saturday 24/05/2008

JUST JOIN US NOW ViCiOuS_ guild recruiting!!!

friday 23/05/2008

Be a part of the revolution.

U can join at any lvl any xp any one is welcom

...Join Us.... Here is the link.

Join us, be feared...smiley

Everyone the nsl academy is on the go and recruiting join lvls 10-19 if you reach lvl 20 battle me and if you win i will let n.s.l. gearheart know about you then you may graduate

JOIN!!!Dead Nightmare Guild

Please don't advertise in anyone else's post. Fallen Angel is allowed to advertise his guild, and you have no right to trash his link.

thursday 22/05/2008

Pond Of Terror is always open to new players. We recruit all levels and all countrys and everyone is an admin.We are active and have 22 members.

We are a guild thats currently recruiting, and we'll accept any member of lvl5+

we generally do not make new admins unless loyal and active, but exceptions can be made

if ud like to join then click postulate on our guild space and myself or bugsbunny99 (we're on everyday) will let u in

Still need more members. Anybody is welcome to join.

wednesday 21/05/2008

Only lvl 15+ can join. This is one clan who will try to go to the top. We are a clan that help you with deck making, tip for battles and ECT. We are very nice and dont make fun of anyone in the clan. So why dont u ppl help this clan out by joining.

Come and join my new guild. Learn, grow, buy, sell, do what you want, everyone welcome, no one turned away.

You should join my guild..Chaos Legion... the url is

I want a guild that has a active guild board thats y i left my old guild
my deck of 8 is
im a junk fanatic lol i speak english only but looking for a guild with english speakin people

Comment my preset


Um, are ya allowed to make a new thread everyday?

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