monday 19/05/2008

Hello, this is just asking,
if you love anime, or like to watch as much as you can, come join this guild
we are recruiting as many people as we can, so come join

This was once a gang name the warriors were graet until there leader was framed then hee wass killed he was my gandfather on my dads sid he told me to keep it strong so here i am jion this guild earn respect u wont be my menuis but my crew and u get respect no matter what a novice a senior a titan a master just join and help me keep this name strong smiley just look for the name ndog and u can find itsmileyyeah what he said

We are a newly formed guild looking to do big things. Looking for all players lvl 9+. If interested please apply here:

IM RECRUITING PLAYERS WHO LIKE TO FIGHT AND WIN,if you lose and you HATE on you opp. dont join. (10 & higher players only)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Join the black hawks heres a link

Any1 can join

Oh and also preferably english speaking but thats only a preference not a requirement smiley

Lottery for guild members only. One free ticket for all newcomers!

Fight Club is excepting new members. Must be active.

And also enjoy smokin ganja.....i

very fun guild.

We are recruiting right now.

we take any one who just wants to be in a guild.

any level, must speack english.

Please join.

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Hey im ck99 and im new but im pretty strong so watch out

We are recruiting...looking for anyone who is at least level 15...and has to speak english well...we will be having clan wars and also help alot with strategies...

Join Go Yard and Purple Drink...we're pretty good and offer a bunch of stuff...just gotta play a decent amount so as to help get to lvl15

sunday 18/05/2008

If u want to goin to send

Thanks so muchsmiley

I want to join ur gang and me can win fights together

Heyas, created a new guild and looking for more members to practice strategies with and to help become a better ELO player=)

Everybody is welcome, spoken language in the guild will be english.

And remember... Resistance is Futile!

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