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sunday 25/05/2008

We are looking for active players over 10

Join energize we are currently 1 in the U.K., we have a lot of give away's and tournies. You have to be lvl 30+ to join.

IF ur level 25 and higher then join our quild and you must be active.smileysmiley

IF i am recruited i am willing to battle for the guild at all times

No silent angels am better

Were back and looking for new wraith so come and join the evil that is my power and let me share it with you
looking for player lvl 10 and up will make exceptions if you are a fare player

Close this thread please

saturday 24/05/2008

We need a pinoy member that is lv 25 and up if your are that guy
please join this guild

Kingz of Kickass are lukin for new recruits, so if you are looking to join send me a request and ill accept it

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Hmm . . . not really an active guild . . . >.<;;

Were are a small town low levelish guild anyone wanna join we could use more company we are doing bargin prices on cards tournament with prizes of 5000 clintz and most off all its fun common

guild link dont be shy we wont bite

We are accepting new people.. and good luck with us

Join energize we only except lvls 30 and up, we are #1 in the U.K.!
We also chat a lot

My guild is called Destroyers of the universe, it's in the UK, and the first 5 people to join shall get 2000 clintz!

smileyAll new players out there should join The Asylum because we can help you with your game plans and beat other players.

Join Band of Brothers we have over 50 people and we avrage 8000-9000 points!

Je vous invite à venir rejoindre la guilde d'harry potter fans pour vous amuser et partager vos passions... Seulement une bonne participation est requise. Tous les niveaux sont acceptés..

Join the N.s.l Academy guild levels 10-19 if you reach level 20 you fight me and if you win i will recommend you to the N.S.L. and you will graduate to that guild

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