wednesday 14/05/2008

Would this be a bad time to mention he's already joined up with me?smiley

We are recuiting so please join and you will find friends

Could the mods close this

Carpe Diem is a new guild recruiting any members that wanna join! Just join to play together and have fuN!

Please join us
there will be some auctions or tournaments or lotteries here made by our admins or some members please join
currently 2 members still

Being no longer a member of this guild, I request that this thread be closed, and somebody else create a new one.

We are a an ok size guild we have 14 members thanks to (_Raiogen_) who trys to help me recruit people. anyways when we get bigger we want to do more fun things like have guild tournments and lotteries and things like that so u should join to beable to make those things happen.
Requirements: theres not very many just have to beable to speak english and be active


tuesday 13/05/2008

A small group for low level people who don't really care about much. Members don't have to be too dedicated to the game. Most of my members barely play at all.

Sos i was doin a lookin at a few threads at a time. No harm ment to you guys.


U can join black hawks heres a link

I just created my guld Causa Mortis hers the link Join me,
message me, or hit me up if you want to chat.

Come join my guild any lvl

Hey wat lvl do u have 2 b?

Join deaths shadow
its realy good guild good for players who wont to be in a started guild to see how its like before maken any realy big guild decishiion your aloud to come an go as you please

If you need a guild and wanna be one of the first members into the guild we want you, otherwise if your just lookin for a guild were also good for that, pm me if u want in

Join Now!!!!!


Even though are small they are active!!!

monday 12/05/2008

Come join us at the Ultimate Incarnation guild.smileysmiley

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