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friday 16/05/2008

But u have to be lv. 20 first.

Really fun and you can get nice card for big event!

thursday 15/05/2008

Hey this is The Elite Guild Team i use to be in the silent anglez i have started my own guild with no less stric requirments to help make them stronger. it is kind of like boot camp for less active players or players who don't meet the requirment for the guild yet. They are ranked 13 in the USA so join us to join them later on!!!!!!

Right now we have 7 members we are active and most of us are on at least an hour or 2 a day.And we talk on the message board alot. we want to get bigger so we can have guild tournaments and other fun things like that so come join.

link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=223667

Ugh again dont be so sure yourself

We are new, if you love bleach join the soul society and dont worry, any level is greately accepted, the only requirement is that you are active on this game at least once a week

My guild Pond Of Terror recuits all who want to join.It doesn't matter what level you are or where you are from.Every one is an admin so you can invite your friends to join as well

I have been around the guild block b4 lol but the message bord on this guild is wot makes me want 2 stay

Join guild:227688

These comments don't even give any justice to how the guild really is... The Juggalos are a large family that loves to not only play and compete with others but loves to socialize through games on their guild forum. If you're looking for active players on UR that you can socialize with and have a good time with, come join us. Members and Admins here are very helpful and all different kinds of ways. (From low priced cards, to deck building, to different strategies, to all kinds of stuff.)

wednesday 14/05/2008

The guild is in dire need of members...
The four days are almost up and we can't find anyone...
If you need a guild...
Please consider joining this one...
With a few more members we can become alot better...
We only have one person in the guild...and that's me...
So I dunno why i've been saying we...

Pond Of Terror is recruiting all levels and players from all countrys and every player is an admin so you can ask your friends to join as well.

My guild deadly venom is the best you should join

Close please

Would this be a bad time to mention he's already joined up with me?smiley

We are recuiting so please join and you will find friends

Could the mods close this

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