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tuesday 06/05/2008

A guild that i wanted is

1.allways online
2.can be admin
3.needed helpsmiley


Good Luck!


Good Luck!

monday 05/05/2008

join silient angelzsmileysmileysmiley

Nah, filipinos are not a race they are a nation or a culture. So that'd make you culturalists or nationalists, which is just as bad, though has received less negative media and educational attention. To me they're all discriminating BIGGOTS!

When you look at someone you've never met, do you:
look for differences?
look for similarities?
(it might seem like a meaningless choice, but choosing the wrong option here is the base for most discriminatory ideals.)

Come join energize

level 25+

2nd in britain (soon to be first)

an extremely active guild

has its own website

is incredibly freindly

cards sold alot cheaper than the market

guild link = "ENERGIZE"

5+can join chat about pokemon yugioh digimon and whatever

sunday 04/05/2008

Its probably best to stay away from those red-faced players :/


Good Luck smiley

Yes in this guild smiley

saturday 03/05/2008

Hey i was wondering if i can join your clan hopefully the answer is yes ive only lost once out of about 50 fights so ya hope u recruite me thanks for your time latersmileysmileysmileysmiley

We give out cards for the winner of our .... ARD CUP..... every two or three weeks

Join urban regulators


we're active
and helpful

come join smiley

Deaths shadow helps all who wont it dont matter your lvl or what cards you got this guild takes all who wont to be in the guild

Pls. if you go to the guild if your 20 above you can ba a admin

this guilds name is power master kingdom

friday 02/05/2008

If u want to be a member go to


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