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thursday 01/05/2008

As MrKingPin EVO says, mod lock this thread please

LvL 25 and up..........

The new guild Frozen Heavens, which I am the founder of, currently has 6 members, but we are searching for more. Any member is welcome, so please feel free to join!
Thanks, Lil Shiro

wednesday 30/04/2008

Join My Guild The Dark Wolf, Which stands for Strong and Determined People that are Brave and Furious who can withstand anything, Those who believe in Themselves will be called a Dark Wolf Member's. Whoever joins will be like a younger brother or sister. In this guild we are like family, We always stick together like Wolves do.

Looking for any lvl
You will not be turned down so if you are looking for a guild The Dark Wolf is avalible

Hey you can join Beast squaD

Join now and recieve adminship.


Soulreavers Uk
it currently contains a level 45 and 34 we need more strong levels we are a all british guild
we are looking for high leveled active people
so join us if ur looking for a guild and ur active and british

Only Fools & Horses is recruiting: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=177033

If ur British, active, lvl 20+, talkative & up 4 a laugh then join 2day!!!!

We av regular guild tornys & lotto & r always lookin 4 new ideas!

Hey Konic why don`t we join this guild?

Need One More Member To Keep It Open!!! Argh!!! Any Takers???

The Guild of the Lost is recruiting. if you can't find a guild then you are welcome in this one. feel free to check us out.

Oh yea and heres the link to it, http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/search.php?option=guild&terms=Hachetman%20Guild

We take care of our own

Yall speak english too right?

Hi i am looking for some members to join my guild if you are level 5+ you can join thank yousmiley

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