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sunday 27/04/2008

Just Started a guild as im becoming addicted to this thing ha Join if you like!

Click here to join ++FireOfGod++

Guild link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=213728

Free bump for soliuz

saturday 26/04/2008

Hey guy we are the first egyptian guild here and we are interested in increase our avg score so we looking for player which are :
above lev 30
any one would come and join... we are the best coz we offer a lot of things to our members such as cards they may need and we are making tournaments between the guilds member and i think w have a good atmosphere that helps the players to improve their abilities...so join us now--->http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=98125
good luck ......thebigboy

Click here to join guild:91589

And can someone close the other threads?

To join click here guild:195472

The guild doesn't exist yet.

Yeah add D_A Light too!

On no did they use a ogoun kyu on you smileysmileysmiley jp go Black Dragons

friday 25/04/2008

Mods close i think he joined a guild smiley

This is my new guild and i am looking for members so if you think you have what it takes you should join

The alliance is recruiting all u wish to be in a guild so just apply

Guild:215794 is recruiting
this guild is not about the game.... it's not about the cards you have.... it's not about strategy....it's about helping each other in their times of need... even though we might not help you physically, we can help you morally....

click this ----> guild:215794


Looking for a few more europeans to create this guild together with me.

With regards DazL

Lol not quite

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