thursday 24/04/2008

We are accepting all player beginners and advance players if you think you have what it take plz join
the Death Gods of War at

Want to be a better player than JOIN NOW!!!!!!!

Well iff your looking for the best guild in the world come to the english warrior guild smiley

You are not allowed 2 recruit threads. This one is being shut down as it is the less active.


Hi im Alucard-ZX and i just want to say hi i joined yeseterday and im all ready doing better then a few people i know. Though im not saying im a above getting help from people. So if you have any spare cards I will glady take them of your hands for you. smiley So ya see ya.

Liquid steel flows through our veins as our bodies harden, our minds sharpen and our eyes open, showing only the light of the forge

Join if you'd like as all are welcome to the forge

Join blood killers...
we are helpful and friendly

-you must be level 10+ to join
-must have at least green faces

join guild:214328

Uh...hello master player.I would like to introduce The Green Team to u.This guild is made for everyone so please join.use this link or search the Player's Guild for: The Green Team.Thank You.
Founder,The Green Team

Hi pinoyz!The Green Team is looking for new members.Rulessmileylay fair and love our Mother Earth!

Join the nsl guild its fun and active

Come on we roksmiley

wednesday 23/04/2008


The guild is still open for a short time it seems! Despite having only 2 low-level members, we both ended with a score around 1200 ELO, and my friend won something.

If you want to reach the top, join us, because we'll definitely get there!

Use the link to get to the lords of war

Master guild of the world plz join its probably 1 of the best

I love the Simpsons! smiley

Good luck!

And I just noticed yvan eht nioj, LMAO... smiley

guild:212722 <==Join people, you forgot a link... smiley

tuesday 22/04/2008

Click here to join guild:214138

Mods.... close this.....
got a guild smiley

Not recruiting anymore coz i quitted from that guild

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