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sunday 13/04/2008

Anyone have yahoo messenger or aim?

@ jade
thanx smiley

and also i recommend joining Elite team


I sent request
i lv 11 from Australia

Hey adder I belive its level 15 or higher now not 10

Sorry Guys, I joined a guild already. Mods, plz close this thread.

saturday 12/04/2008

Mods, plz close this thread

Mods, plz close this thread.

Mods, plz close this thread

Come and check it out if you like the anime NARUTO

all you have to do is to get any picture of a character from naruto

and to start playing fare and square ...EnJoY...

try it now http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=207648

We will take any one who has just started or any one thats been denied by any guild.we are her for fun
and later for world domination....smileysmileysmileysmiley

Can u described me what is your guild have.. smiley

friday 11/04/2008

Join us!! one of the best pinoy guild around...

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Mods plz close this thread

Heres the link...
come join our guild.....smiley
devil's lair smiley
we accecpt any lvl players....as long as they are active... smiley

smiley the freak showssmiley i just started playing, so pls. join smiley

Join the Death Gods of War
the link to this guild is

Join Now!!!

You should head over to us at the coven we active and all have intresting sense of humour to say the least


thursday 10/04/2008

Please Close I Joined The Coven

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