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saturday 29/03/2008

My guild is an all= relyabale, the reson i do ANYONE is because,
more guild points! guild=194992 is a very good guild for ANYONE,
so plz, ANYONE join!

I would like to join smileysmileysmiley

It says they not recruiting weird thing to advertize. I think it should read 0wnage Guild is now recruiting.



Oppsy..i think we make a mistake..
mod close this..smiley smiley

It dont matter what lvl you are.

Still recruiting

He already joined a guild, please close this mods smiley

My guild is for those who love music we will Rock You! http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=194991

friday 28/03/2008

If you have ever played dead awaken this is the guild for you. IF you haven't played then join anyway! The Brotherhood has arrived and we want YOU.

I didnt get any of mine



It is there now dont kown why it took so long

Yea If Enough People Join I Can Make In-House Tournaments And Offer Advice To any Guild Member Who Joins!

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The Men Guild is for u then


plus note this isnt a insult but i doubt u can wield a keyblade since only the chose one can.. which is sora

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