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sunday 23/03/2008

This guild has as goal to be able to make so strong decks so that we can be a team in a planned tournament and then go home and win it all. To do this we need: - Active players - Players that is trying to get as good deck as possible - People that take the game seriously and don't just try to mess about - People that can stay together as a group and do the best for the guild.

Everyone can join just follow this link:


Locked, due to to much confintation.

In The Twisted Shadows, we listen to your thoughts. anyone can join, and anyone can make a subject. cya there!

Lol no im not. u talking nonsense again big guy?

saturday 22/03/2008

Naruto is rite most ppl r never on and take ages to let u in even if they r on

Cheese, this is the wrong spot to ask that question. Please follow the rules and go to the right fourm

Hi im new at this game i won 2 battles so far. um i wish i know more on hear but one i get the hang of thangs i can be realy good.smiley o ya how doi get cards for my deck i a i think there called ghostly or some thing card user i like t hem ok


Join us and recive a cookie smiley

The next two people become admins

I will give level the next 5 30+ that joins my guild and level 45 + that joins they will get a cr and the next 3 people that join will be admin (30+)
here is the guild link

For the first 5 level 30+ that sign up gets a free rare card so hurry up
guild link
and the first level 35+ that joins us becomes admin witha free card
level 45+ get a cr

Guild link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=195499

Guild link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=195967

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