thursday 13/03/2008

Saintz (click for the link to this guild)

Good Luck! smiley

wednesday 12/03/2008


Guild link:

Http:// <--------- guild link smiley


tuesday 11/03/2008


Http:// <----------- guild link smiley

Mods please close this Topic, I don`t see this guild smiley

Http:// <------------- link guild smiley

Sure i willsmiley

Come and join the brand new guild im bored all on my own anyone welcome smiley

here is the link

Hello if you are interested please join this guild

Cool runnings lol... used to like that movie =p john candy right?

Guild link:

Hey everyone!!! our guild is recruitin!! we are pretty small but are really cool people an want to expand our guild. we have some pretty decent players an would like to add a few more. so come on an join our guld. if ya dont like it then you can leave, no hard feelings.

join in an have fun!!!

monday 10/03/2008

Ps: this is the address:


So, my guild is Crème De La Crème and I'm looking for any up and coming players to join. I'll help answer what you need to know and I'll try to making your stay here as fun as possible. mmk.

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