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saturday 22/03/2008

Also, I would like to point out from StormWhisper's post at the top:

"It is also not proper to post about joining your guild in someone else's recruitment thread. Anyone caught doing so, will also be blacklisted."

On a side note, thanks for the bump.

friday 21/03/2008

We are looking for active and supportive players who can past the join requirements:

-must be from U.S
-lvl 21 or above(if you are close to lvl 21 like lvl 20 or 19 you will still be accepted but you will have to get to lvl 21 in two weekssmileyno lower than lvl 1smiley
-green face
-card collection ranking master or higher
-play smart and active
-understnad that we dont run the game its just a tag for the guildsmiley

you say why you should join us?
well we are all good and active players
we have a sellin/buyin/tradin board where you can buy sell or trade with our members and it usually with cheaper price.
we have a deck building board which post all the decks for tourneyelo created by our members.
we also have fun stuff to do like guild wars and i have a weekly joke contest winner gets one rare card.
ill give a card to a player that have improved most in my guild each month.
and lots more coming up...smiley

well thats pretty much it if you are looking for a good guild keep the game master in mindsmiley

heres our guild link:
http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=177067 check it out~~~

thank for reading this gg to allsmiley

P.S: guild members or people who knows me if your reading this plz BUMP it for me ty smiley

The AGC will work as a firm organisation and take care of it's members. We would not accept any sorts of cheaters but fair players from level 1 and higher are very welcome to join us! We will be trading cards, having friendly matches and so on.

We will also make it all more official by hosting our own website, making an official logo for the guild and other formalities.


Why dont you come over to our guild. The Aerodrom GC. We are just taking off and we have big plans for the future... Hey... we'll be making a website soon smileysmileysmiley

Pls. join!!!! before my guild ends up 2 nothing....smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

@everybody: why are you all mocking me!!..XD...
i guess i'm the old type of guy...

Ill join ur guild but i got to delete mine first so ill join a little latersmiley

thursday 20/03/2008

Do other guilds turn you down becuase your to low of a lvl? well we;re differe. we will accept anyone and i mean Anyone. Even if you are lvl -1

Who would join a guild called Above the Influence?

Please join my new guild..
its called ultimate stars
join now!


The British Giants are a new group that are now recruiting players from any nationality and any level. All are welcome.

We believe strictly in having a laugh so join today! The next two members will be made admins!


Hello All villians in Clint City.

Here is an offer for all bad guys who love Freaks, Gheist, La Junta, Montana and Nightmare.

If you want to join us click the link below and expect to meet a lot of new friends


U forgot to put ur guild page link n good luck to u...

wednesday 19/03/2008

Dang, another one?,,, yea well,,, good luck

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