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sunday 09/03/2008


Theman3838 guild is recruting everyone!!!! doesnt matter what lvl or anything just ask to join and we'll accept tou int o our ranks. once again the guild name is Theman3838

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Found a guild!
Please close.

saturday 08/03/2008

I would like to have at least 15 people in my guild. Please join my guild.

Join Anarchist Guild

I Just Got Rid Of My Old guild With 18 Members Now Ive Made A New One We Even Have Our Own Personal
Forum On A Different Site So Join Now Any Level Aloud I Dont Mind.

Thanks For Looking.

Hope To See You In My Guild.


Heyz join ma guild id be very happy if u did....smiley thx if u do!!!!!!!!!! l8rz!!!!!!!!! smiley smiley

Pls join the Round Table all are welcome. I want any and everyone who iswilling to join.

Indeed. We do not usually allow religion based guilds through, I'm not sure how this guild was allowed. We feel that this game should not separate people based on their religion or beliefs.

friday 07/03/2008


Any level,
Just need to speak English,
Just ask Me, Maskingtape smiley

It may be helpful to say what the name of your guild is, and to post the link to the guild.

Well, this was started experimentally by my friend and I to see how many people shared our cause--helping the new people! smiley With a little help from players like you, this can become a great guild!
To join, click this link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=180120

No requirements to join, just come on in! smiley

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=175022 join us! malaysians only!

Malaysia Ownz!!!!

Comeon we need 20k ppl

If i make the larry fitzgerald group will u join haha.

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